Maya Ifeanyi and Hair Hope Growth Oil

by Terry Watson | November 20th, 2017
Maya Ifeanyi

Maya Ifeanyi

Hair Hope Growth Oil is a blend of natural and essential oils, formulated to improve the overall health and strength of hair and help it grow longer, thicker, and faster. With a wide range of products, creator and owner Maya Ifeanyi has designed growth oils, shampoos to deep conditioners, hair growth vitamins, whipped Shea Butter for hair and body, and a men’s line that consists of growth oil for hair and beard. She also has a Shea Body Butter especially formulated for men. Ifeanyi says her hair products are natural and help to accelerate hair growth while our body butters helps nourish the skin.

“I am an artist, music lover, world traveler and in the last three years a business owner. I lived in South Korea for four years and have traveled to India, Africa, Japan, and Mexico among several other countries. Traveling inspires my creative side and has taught me many things about natural herbs and oils and how they are used for health and healing in other cultures. My mother calls me a one woman whirlwind,” she says.

Ifeanyi unofficially began her business in early 2012 while teaching English and Art in South Korea. “The water there is very hard and is usually only used for bathing. Bottled water is used for drinking and when cooking. I had no choice but to use the same water source to wash my hair. After a year in Korea, my hair started to thin and break. I went on a mission to find natural oils and herbs that would help my hair to stop thinning. I tested many natural oils over a year’s time until I found the mixture that worked the best and the fastest. When I returned to the United States to live, I started making the oils for my friends and family. To my astonishment, everyone was amazed at how well it worked and how fast their hair grew,” she says.

As a person who has worn her her in a natural statre for 35 years, Ifeanyi knows first hand the struggles of finding ways to manage it. “There was a time when there were no products for natural hair. We had to make our own and learn what worked best for our hair by trial and error. My mother and grandmother mixed up a little bit of everything to try on my hair,” she says. Because of experiences such as these, she was inspired to start her business because of a lack of high quality products for black hair. “I wanted to create a product that worked for all hair types and textures,” she said. In 2014, Hair Hope Growth Oil became an official business. After only three years in 2017, IIfeanyi added an entire product line. Hair Hydration by Hair Hope evolved her product line to include everything needed to sustain healthy hair.

To earn the capital to start her business, Ifeanyi worked two jobs for a year. Most weeks, she worked seven days a week. She had to sacrifice all extra expenses and live on a very tight budget. After working 18 hour days, she would come home to work on her dream. “I had no idea how to start a business, but I spent every free moment studying and learning what was required to start a business. It was not an easy task but after a lot of hard work it happened. I only had five online sales in my first week of business. I was devastated and later called my mother in tears. After all that hard work, it did not seem to be paying off. I told my mother that I was going to give up on my business and go back to being a teacher. She told me that I was not going to quit because “we do not come from a family of quitters”. I dusted myself off and learned the importance of advertising and social media promotion. The next week, orders for Hair Hope tripled and continued to do so week after week. After my first year in business, I was receiving so many orders that I could hardly keep up with the demand,” she says. Three years later, Hair Hope products are sold in many beauty supply stores and salons in the USA as well as in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Australia, South Korea, Trinidad, Tobago, and several other countries. “If I had given up because of low sales in my first week, I would not be where I am today.”

Being a business owner comes with it’s own set of challenges. “I love the freedom of working for myself, making my own hours and my own rules. I make all of my products by hand and run the business side as well. I have help every now and then but usually I handle everything on my own, including manufacturing, order processing, shipping and many other things. I have 24 hour work days, several days a week and I’m exhausted more often than not. I have little free time but it is all worth it when I watch my business continue to grow each day,” Ifeanyi says.

Hair loss is a very sensitive issue and most people become frustrated and embarrassed when experiencing thinning, balding, and excessive shedding and breakage. Ifeanyi has received thousands of emails from customers showing photos of their hair before and after using Hair Hope Growth Oil.
Ifanyi says had it not been for her ancestors who worked extremely hard and sacrificed for her family to have a solid foundation to stand on, she would not have the opportunity to run her own business. “They worked hard to instill in my family, the importance of education, hard work, resourcefulness, and benevolence. The combination of these values, passed down from generation to generation, created in me the strength and determination required to build a business from the ground up. I can feel the strength of my ancestors in me and I am thankful for their protection and guidance,” she says.

Moving forward, Ifeanyi plans to continue to work hard to expand her company. “It requires a lot of sacrifice and many sleepless nights but it has taught me that nothing is impossible and the sky is definitely not the limit,” she says. It sounds like Natural Hair Hope Oil and the other products Ifeanyi offers will be around for a long time!

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