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Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | January 17th, 2019
Dr. Anthony Crawford and Dr. Wilson-Izzard (Photos by Howard Gaither)

Dr. Anthony Crawford and Dr. Wilson-Izzard (Photos by Howard Gaither)

There was once a group of young black males who were friends. They all aspired to become doctors. Throughout college, they held each other accountable, encouraged and supported each other, and eventually all fulfilled their dreams.

Dr. Anthony Crawford was the youngest of those men. He initially desired to become a medical doctor, but later moved in another direction. With a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in plant genetics, he opened a plant genetics lab at N.C. A&T as an Assistant Researcher. He later decided to teach high school science at local schools in Greensboro, and coach basketball.

At the suggestion of his wife Gloria, Dr. Crawford considered chiropractic after he dismissed it earlier. It became clear to him that it was the most natural way to help patients without using medicine. He graduated from Logan Chiropractic School in 1994 and by 1997, was ready to open his own practice. His wife served as the first certified chiropractor assistant, the first certified x-ray technician, and also served as the office manager for a period of time.

Like Dr. Crawford, Dr. Wilson-Izzard knew she wanted to become a doctor. Originally, she had her sights set on pediatrics.

“I always say that I didn’t chose chiropractic, it chose me,” the doctor laughs. While a student at Bennett College, she attended a forum where a gentleman was there recruiting students for the chiropractic program he represented. She thought about it and considered it. But after a few summers of doing research, she realized it wasn’t for her. She danced with other ideas such as forensic pathology, but kept thinking about chiropractic. She finally decided to attend school at Life University and fell in love.

Since chiropractic tends to follow a holistic approach, Dr. Wilson-Izzard embraces that, like Dr. Crawford. She was never one to personally utilize much medication and knows that healthy living is possible without it. “Seeing people who can’t walk straight then dance around the room after I’ve helped them is very fulfilling,” says Dr. Wilson-Izzard.

She’s been practicing for 17 years, starting as a Chiropractic Assistant in her home state of Maryland while she fulfilled licensing requirements. For approximately a year she worked in the office learning about billing, coding, pricing, insurance verification and everything related to payments. Now she has a leg-up on others who didn’t receive the same training.

For 15 years Dr. Wilson-Izzard worked at chiropractic offices across the Baltimore area, gaining valuable experience as an independent contractor and heading up offices as a lead doctor. In 2013, she and her college sweetheart tied the knot and began planning their lives together. Unfortunately she needed time to become licensed in the state of North Carolina, so they were faced with living long distance until 2016. Once she was able to obtain the proper licensure, she relocated and found a home at Crawford Chiropractic.

There is no hesitation when asked about her time at the current facility. “I absolutely love it,” she says. Dr. Wilson-Izzard plans to one day become a lead chiropractor when Dr. Crawford decides to take a less prominent role in the practice. And it goes without saying that Dr. Crawford fully values Dr. Wilson-Izzard’s current role. “As the new Clinical Director, she’s passionate and caring and provides good guidance. Her qualities compliment the office very well,” he explains.

Working alongside each other seems to agree with the doctors. They both enjoy what they do, thus creating an enriching environment for the client who may be uneasy walking through the doors for the first time.

“When a patient comes to a chiropractor there is a little more hope. All doctors have the role to help the community to get better, and when it is out of my scope, I do refer the patient to a medical doctor,” explains Dr. Crawford.

This practice focuses on musculoskeletal conditions – meaning neck and back pain from all sorts of injuries, the most common being personal injury. They also treat headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel and other related conditions. Recently they’ve become certified in kinesio taping, which means taping that helps facilitate movement instead of stabilizing the affected area.

For the last 21 years, Dr. Crawford has enjoyed serving the community because he knows he’s making a difference by healing those who are suffering. They both also enjoy providing free screenings and wellness checks a few times a year at churches and organizations around the city.

“Being able to see people getting better is a blessing to me,” says Dr. Crawford. And I can imagine that he and Dr. Wilson-Izzard are a blessing to others just the same.

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