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by Terry Watson | November 17th, 2015
The Melanin Foundation Team

The Melanin Foundation Team

The Melanin Foundation, which is separate from Melanin, LLC, was founded in 2014 with a sole purpose to function as a 501 c 3 non-profit organization. It was formed to actively engage in revitalizing the defined community to be known as the Bessemer Avenue Corridor. The community will have borders surrounding US Highway 29 to the west, Franklin Boulevard, to the east, East Wendover Avenue and to the north/east Market and to the south. The revitalization will include business investments, private institution and public facilities. The officers include Dr. Lindwood Carver who serves as president, Yvonne Parramore who serves as vice president, LaTonya Bell who serves as treasure, and April Garrett who serves as secretary. Board advisors include Dr. Gregory Headen, Thomas King, and Dr. Orlin Carter.

The mission of Melanin Foundation will be to spearhead the economic development of the East Bessemer Avenue Corridor by developing cultural awareness through education and training, and encouraging and supporting small business development, private home ownership and local government investment. The values of the Melanin Foundation will be guided by sound ethical business practices which honor and value the residents of the community, its business partners, its customers, its stakeholders and employees. The Melanin Foundation will strive to conduct its operations as responsible stewards of environmental resources.

The objectives of the Melanin Foundation will further its stated vision and mission and will support the health of the defined community, secure a future for the youth of the community, develop and nurture entrepreneurship, reduce crime and the drug culture in the community, improve and enhance the aesthetic appearance of the community, value the worth and wisdom of seniors in the community, develop a neighborhood identity for the community, identify and seek preservation of historically significant architectural features, establish a vocal presence in the local government process, improve public facilities and utilities, and improve overall housing quality.

Currently, Melanin Foundation is in need of a building that will allow them to further serve their community. They are also working with Duke Divinity Foundation for Christian Leadership. They are also seeking new members and participants. All donations are tax deductible.

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