Melanin, LLC

by Terry Watson | November 17th, 2015
Melanin, LLC team

Melanin, LLC team

Established in 2013, Melanin, LLC is a Pan-African movement and also a United African-American Economic Action. Dr. Gregory Headen serves as chairman, Dr. Orlin Carter serves as treasurer, and Thomas King serves as vice chairman. Other members include Dr. Linwood Carver, Thomas Johnson, Andreana Picon, and April Garrett. Their focus and motto is “God First”. King says it all began when several of the members were meeting and the idea came about to not only address many of the issues that are plaguing their community, but to also find solutions to fix them. Melanin, LLC is for profit and legally organized and incorporated as an organization comprised of people with a common mission; helping one another and the entire Pan-African community in the areas of health, education, business, wealth, finance, and to also provide support for positive initiatives in the black community.

Dr. Headen says their group has a real interest in African culture. Their mission is to create greater unity while instilling historical awareness and values of respect, trust, support and care for everyone. This is accomplished by creating jobs for our youth, providing loans, supporting black businesses, and providing education opportunities through workshops and seminars. They are able to meet the needs of their community with various services and programs including legal, political, research and development, banking and economic, educational, faith based organizations and more.

The purpose of Melanin, LLC is to break the poverty cycle through financial discipline and asset accumulation, while educating and empowering their community to create generational wealth for a greater financial future. They believe that wealth for the next generation can only be created when eliminate the mentality of living for today. They also practice group economics as outlined in Dr. Claud Anderson’s book, “Power Economics.”

They have also worked with and invested in several businesses to help them get started. Some of these include Siassa, which are also members of Genesis Baptist Church where Dr. Headen leads. Genesis Baptist Church provided them space and Melanin, LLC contributed to Siassa. This is exactly the types of things that Melanin is striving to accomplish. Additionally, their group gives financial support to youth to assist them as they move forward in life.

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