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Mia Brown | March 13th, 2013
Sonya Norcott

Sonya Norcott (Photo by Sonya Norcott)

Sonya Norcott is a woman who believes when you serve your community, you should be encouraging, educating and have an impression on people so that they are able to see your lifestyle in order to change their lives. She states she always wanted to give back to the community but she just didn’t know how in the beginning. She believes that it’s better to give than to receive so she found a cause that she could be a part of, Mind, Body and Soul 5K walk.

The walk is one of the ways that Norcott gives back to her community by raising funds and bringing awareness to sickle cell. This year will be her second year doing the walk on Saturday, April 20. “The walk was a vision that came to me in a dream and I knew that I had to go forth in it,” said Norcott. The name of the walk “Mind, Body and Soul” was something that intertwined with her daily life because she deals with the mind of people, the body of people, and the soul of people on an education aspect, this name seemed to perfectly fit the cause.

The main goal Norcott has for this walk is to educate her community on sickle cell and how others are dealing with it. She believes that this walk will and does affect her life in a positive way. “I know this is what God has brought me to do and because it was God who gave me this vision, I will carry it out,” said Norcott.

Overall, Norcott believes her biggest contribution to the community beyond the walk is her mentoring groups. She mentors young women and men in her programs, “Ladies of Beauty” and “Men of Boldness”. The group focuses on youth between the ages of 12 to 21 and helps young people with their lifestyles.

Once the walk is finished, Norcott still has things in the community on her plate to do. She is currently planning a fashion show with her mentoring groups that will give the clothes worn during the show to students who are less fortunate. After the fashion show, she plans to host workshops and continue with her mentoring program, as well as feeding the homeless and working with other non-profits in the area. “It’s an ongoing thing for me to give back, something that I will always continue to do,” says Norcott.

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