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Yasmine Regester | November 15th, 2019
Jametra Hinton and Mariama Moody (Photo by Jerry Barbry)

Jametra Hinton and Mariama Moody (Photo by Jerry Barbry)

A passion for teaching and a commitment to enhancing student success birthed M&M Educational Group, a tutoring and educational services company in Durham, NC.

M&M Educational Group/M&M Tutoring Service is the creation of Jametra Hinton, NBCT, MBA and Mariama Moody, NBCT, MSEd.
Both veteran licensed Math teachers, with a combined 30 years of experience in education, M&M came out of a concern about the lack of individualized attention that students received, and the need for more support from educators with concrete experience in the field.

M&M Educational Group operates at 3326 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd Suite C 120, but offers their services face-to-face or virtually in Durham, Wake, Orange, and Alamance counties, and surrounding area. Tutors work with teachers and parents to select the best learning environment for a student and are available to travel to various locations for tutoring sessions.

“No matter how good of a teacher you are, sometimes it’s hard to give individual students the one on one attention they may need,” says Jametra.
As classroom teachers, Jametra and Mariama say they would stay after school and help students who needed it. While they saw great progress in those students, they still felt like they could do more.

When they first started in 2014, they only offered math tutoring services because that was their background. As word spread of their tutoring services, they begin getting requests for more subjects and eventually expanded operations to include three more tutors.

“We started realizing people wanted more than math tutoring,” Jametra says. Mariama and Jametra each taught in Durham Public Schools for eight years and believe that their close connection to the community is what sets M&M apart from other tutoring services.

“We are intentionally different than many (probably most) brand name tutoring companies because we operate our of our reputation and experience. I think parents trust us because they know that teaching is who we are, not just what we do,” says Mariama. “Because of our reputation in the classrooms, I think parents trust us more than a typical tutoring company. I believe people see that we have a direct interest in the success of our community and they trust that. We actually have classroom experience in the same school system that we are tutoring in, so that gives us a different perspective.”

M&M offers face to face and virtual tutoring in a variety of subjects, such as math, reading, science, foreign languages, and writing. Tutoring services are offered from Kindergarten through college. Students can also participate in ACT and SAT test prep classes, small group, and individual sessions, public speaking courses and math and writing labs that can offer help on specific assignments versus ongoing tutoring.

They also work with Families in Transition and non-profit organizations with after school tutoring programs as well as ACT/SAT test prep. In addition to after school tutoring, M&M also works with schools by providing supplemental instruction during the school day. Because they are former teachers of Durham Public Schools (DPS), the ladies say they have a unique understanding of how things work, what needs exist and how they can tweak their services to support each individual school or district.

“Any of the programs we offer, can be expanded or adjusted to the client. We do our best in catering to the specific needs of each school,” says Jametra. “It’s hard to understand the demands of a teacher until a person is in that position. I believe we have a better understanding on how flexible we need to be to offer additional support to teachers,” says Jametra.

While students’ grades and classroom improvement is a good indicator of success, the M&M founders say that the feedback they get from students and parents is the main driver.

“Our goal is always that students are seeing their progress in class and in their grades,” says Mariama. “But parents tell us all the time how they appreciate us being here and also being a support for them. Parents have questions and don’t know what to ask. Having a tutor they can trust and see genuinely cares about their child and their child’s success is empowering for them.”

Mariama notes that M&M tutoring also helps improve test taking and study skills, as well as works on building students’ confidence in the classroom setting. They say teachers have reported that they see students more willing to answer and ask questions in class; and parents say that they see their children actually attempt to do their homework on their own versus just pushing it to the side and giving up.

“We have learned over the years that in many cases, students don’t study because they don’t know how to do so properly; not just because they don’t want to improve. Sometimes we assume that students know what to do when we tell them to study, but in reality, they may not know what that process looks like for them,” she says. “Part of us helping students is getting them to understand that they have a stake in their own education. It’s not just about the teacher giving you information that you need to memorize.”

Jametra adds, “The feedback we get from students, parents and teachers lets us know we’re moving in the right direction. Yes we are helping them in the classroom, but the skills they improve on can also translate to work life and giving back to the community.”

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