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by Terry Watson | May 22nd, 2018
Carolyn Black and Shirley McDaniels (Photos by JLG Photography)

Carolyn Black and Shirley McDaniels (Photos by JLG Photography)

For some people, realizing your true calling in life can take a lifetime. The realization may appear in a dream, or surface during a conversation. For sisters Carolyn Black and Shirley McDaniels of Greenville, S.C. they learned of their calling purpose while doing something that came naturally; caring for their mother Kathleen during a moment of her life when she wasn’t able to care for herself.

What should have been a routine or normal Gall Bladder surgery turned into something much more. “When she came home, she was never the same. For the next ten years, our family had to adjust to caring for her every need,” she says. Her mother later developed Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia, before finally succumbing to her condition in 2012 at the age of 75.

When her mother first became sick, they employed the services of other home care agencies and soon became very unsatisfied with the level of care they received. Instead of settling, they organized their other family members -brother, sister, grand kids and implemented a plan that would ensure their mother would be adequately cared for. Little did they know at the time, but that labor of love would grow into something very special.

Moms Two Daughters became officially licensed in 2015, but Shirley and Carolyn began private care nearly nine years ago. Carolyn had a private case and Shirley assisted and backed her up. Carolyn shared a idea with Shirley to partner with her and launch their own private care business. “I told her that I would give it a try for one year, and if it’s not successful, then I’m out,” Shirley said.

From the very beginning the started the business with a realistic and genuine purpose. Carolyn brings a medical aspect to Moms Two Daughters. She is a licensed medical technician and phlebotomist. Shirley brings a business mind. She has an accounting degree and materials degree. Now, the pair is fully committed to building their business to level that will ultimately secure their retirement.

Presently, they are full time moms and work their other jobs on a part time basis. Shirley is a Physicians Practice Specialist with a local hospital in Greenville. She is a mother of three and grandmother of two. Carolyn works for the school district in the Greenville area and she is a mother of one and grandmother of one.

Before Moms Two Daughters will accept new clients, they will first conduct an in-home assessment to determine what are the specific needs of that specific person. The services offered by them are home health care, medical technician services, medication planning and assistance, blood pressure and oxygen level checks, doctor visit assistance, and meal preparations. They also counsel families as needed. One new component to their business is home care travel service. They will provide service to families while accompanying their clients on family outings and vacations, accompanying their clients to meet their needs, and relieving their families.

Moving forward, Moms Two Daughters will continue to grow their business and eventually hire full-time RN’s and Certified Medical Assistants. To learn more about them, please give them a call today.

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