Monica Hawthorne

Tonya Dixon | May 21st, 2021
Monica Hawthorne (Photos by Santana B Photography)

Monica Hawthorne (Photos by Santana B Photography)

At one point, Monica Hawthorne thought things couldn’t be any better in her life. She was happily married. Had a thriving hair salon in Charlotte, North Carolina, and her family were safe and healthy. But in one instant, it all changed. She found herself single, dealing with an undiagnosed illness and a declining business and bank account. Before she knew it, she found herself back in Greensboro, living with her mother and making countless trips to the doctor. But as she looks back on it, it was nothing short of God’s divine hand upon her life. She gained more than she ever had before, physically, spiritually and emotionally. However, it didn’t seem divine at the time.

“God directed me to come back home to Greensboro. I thought I was hearing things because I thought there was no way HFe was telling me to leave. I was doing well in Charlotte. My business was thriving and I was successful,” said . “But I did what I heard God say. I packed up and moved.”

With her life virtually upended and turned inside out, Hawthorne had to do something she had previously never really done. She had to relinquish control to gain restoration. She had to depend on someone else.

“I stayed on my mom’s couch for nearly three years because I had serious health problems and God wouldn’t allow me to do anything else,” she said. “I prayed and had many conversations with Him. I was going through a lot mentally and physically and I was practically broke because I was supporting my daughter in college.”

“I left my source of income in Charlotte. I virtually started over. I had to come back to Greensboro and rebuild my business and myself.

A licensed minister, Hawthorne admits she “ran” from God and her calling for more than 15 years. She had a people problem. “I was concerned about what people would say. What would they think of me?” she said.

But it was in her weakest moment when she heard God as clear as she heard him say move back to Greensboro. She received the instruction and strength she needed to begin her journey of restoration and wholeness for herself and for other women.

“God told me the I didn’t need to be concerned about the opinions or actions of anyone else. He said I was already qualified, verified and approved by Him, so I didn’t need to seek approval or validation from man because He had already given me that,” said Hawthorne.

It was at that moment that she spiritually and physically birthed her ministry, a new business and strength to regain her footing as a hair stylist. But she says founding “GOoD GIRL” (intentionally spelled with mixed case) has been the most profound and rewarding because it impacts everything else in her life.

“I thought I would call it ‘GOod GIRL,’ because it symbolizes being a light, knowing your worth and getting approval only from God,” said Hawthorne. “But then one day God said, ‘you’re a good girl, but I want you to make one of those “Os” very small so that you can see me in it.’ And that’s how it became what it is today.”

After developing a logo, Hawthorne designed a few shirts and the rest is more than just history. It’s a situation she believes only God could have orchestrated and ordained.

“I hadn’t even planned to launch it until May 2020, but COVID hit and everything changed. As soon as they were released, women from all over were buying the shirt,” she said. “So that’s how it started. But there’s more. There’s a community component for all kinds of women. Young, old, every race and every background.”

Ultimately, she says the mission of GOoD GIRL is to teach women that they are enough and only need God’s approval. Plain and simple.

“I want girls and women to know you don’t need that [blue] check on Facebook. You don’t need that [blue] check on Instagram. You are already verified. It’s about women learning who they are in God,” she said.

It’s important to note that Hawthorne continued to suffer from a mysterious illness for many years. She was in and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices, without receiving a definitive diagnosis. It took a serious toll on her life, to the point where she couldn’t fulfill the requests of her salon clientele. Yet and still, there was still a blessing amid her illness.

“I had issues for 10 years and didn’t even know what it was until I moved back to Greensboro and I think that was a blessing within itself because God knew and he told me to come home. As soon as I went home, I got extremely sick. I needed to be home because if I had been in Charlotte, I would not have had any one to help me care for myself,” she said. “I needed to be at home with my mom who was helping me. She understood that God brought me back home for a reason even though at the time I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but I was trusting him.”

“It turned out to be my gallbladder, but it was affecting my whole body. It would take me down for 2-4 weeks at a time. Imagine having no income and being so sick you can’t get up. But it’s important to remember, even when things look bad in the natural, there’s always a blessing though God.”

As much as she struggled, she was able to resurrect her salon – Hawthorne Hair Studio. Not only did she rebuild her clientele, she realized it was another part of her ministry. God strategically sent clients that needed spiritual, emotional and mental restoration. She admits, it had nothing to do with her. It was all a GOoD GIRL thing.

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