Monica Johnson

by Terry Watson | March 19th, 2020
Monica Johnson

Monica Johnson

Monica Johnson, MA, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), of Atlanta, Georgia is a dynamic professional speaker, published author, lecturer and expert in mental health and leadership. She has worked in the behavioral health field for over 24 years, including working in a variety of executive leadership roles within state government and a variety of settings in private, for profit and non-profit organizations.

In addition, she’s a seasoned executive leader with a proven track record of success. Over the last couple of decades Monica has led several high-profile large-scale change initiatives, chaired several collaborations, and served as board members for a variety of governing boards. “I have had success creating and leading projects that others thought would fail and brought people together with different perspectives to work towards common goals to accomplish complex initiatives,” she says. “I am most passionate about developing and empowering women leaders and educating the community on mental health wellness; ultimately reducing the stigma associated with mental illness for healthier lives.”

In 2019, Monica wrote and independently published her first book, “Fab 30: Critical Leadership Lessons for Women” which focuses on providing the opportunity to bring women leaders forward to make lasting impact on our communities and ultimately the world. Her impeccable record reflects a deep determination to succeed. She has earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology (minor in Communications) from Kennesaw State University and a graduate degree in Professional Counseling/Psychology at Argosy University. She is a proud Alumnus of the Georgetown University Leadership Academy and a recipient of the Intensive Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Schizophrenia Certification at the Aaron T. Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Philadelphia.

Currently, Monica operates MARJ Consulting LLC in Atlanta. Her firm provides three primary services and products that include Women’s Leadership Development, which involves the Fab 30: Critical Leadership Lessons for Women book designed to reach larger audiences to serve as a reference guide on successfully navigating their leadership path. There is also the Fab 30 Women’s Leadership Masterclass, which is a live version of her book. It is conducted in an intimate class setting designed to bring the principles of the book to life through interactive discussion, exercises, and lecture. The amazing experience helps to bring women leaders together, to be stronger, better, and empowered. The Masterclass is offered up to three times per year in the Atlanta metropolitan area. The third product is the Fab 30 Workshops for Businesses, a modified version of the Masterclass specifically tailored to corporations, non-profits, public entities, community organizations, etc. “Many organizations have women leadership groups or other similar names with the goal of uplifting and empowering their women workforce. I target these organizations to provide the workshops at their site locations,” she says.

Some additional products and services offered by MARJ Consulting LLC are Specialized Workshops & Keynote Speaking. With this, Monica can develop unique workshops and seminars on a wide range of topics related to leadership development and mental health wellness based on the needs of an organization. These are usually co-ed, and broader than the Fab 30 series. Similarly, she also provides keynote speaking for conferences based on the needs of the organization.
Monica is also a Mental Health Expert and is available for speaking needs for organizations, special events, conferences, and any media outlet. Particular areas of interest as it relates to mental health wellness center around reducing the stigma of mental illness in the Black/African-American community, reducing stigma of mental health overall, promoting mental health wellness for all ages, promotion of mental health wellness for women.
MARJ Consulting LLC began about three years ago as a result of Monica’s frustration about the lack of leadership that existed in our country. “That sentiment is not about just one person, but lots of people in high profile leadership roles that are supposed to lead but are not doing that. Instead of continuing to scream at the TV, or be irritated by strangers on social media, I decided to do something more productive,” she shares. “Be the change you want to see. I started drafting the Fab 30 Critical Leadership Lessons for women as a workshop curriculum. That was my initial goal, develop the workshop and start talking to women. I started with women on purpose. I felt that often women fill the void of pretty much everything. We are everyday superheroes that when empowered make magic happen. I began to think if I could use my experiences and lessons to help new leaders as well as seasoned leaders feel empowered to do more they would. I did not have any idea at the time that a plan and outline for a workshop would evolve into anything more.”

She completed the curriculum in a couple of months and started facilitating workshops from the curriculum. She learned quickly by talking and listening to more and more women that the information being shared was indeed inspiring and empowering women of different ages, races, nationality and experience levels.

Monica shares that she is inspired by different things, at different times. She is also inspired mostly by her dad, Joseph Saxby who is also a writer and lifelong coach and captain for #teamMonica. “He pushes me to be better than I think I can be and when I reach the goal, he pushes for the next level. I recently saw the movie Harriet and was inspired by it. Ellen DeGeneres also inspires me. I love that she is relatable, lived in her truth at a time that was not convenient and came through it on top eventually. But I am honestly inspired by everyday things around me. I see inspiration in hearing my kids talk to each other about how someone they know may have mental health issues, but it is not a joke and they are seriously talking about how the person should get help. I see inspiration in my husband who taps more and more into his natural leadership skills, owns his past mistakes, and is dedicated to being a good husband and father. I am inspired that years ago he said he didn’t think a woman could be president but now he thinks I could be,” she says. At least that would be progress.

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