Monica Moore

by Terry Watson | November 21st, 2016
Monica Moore (Photo by Todd Youngblood)

Monica Moore (Photo by Todd Youngblood)

She is a mother of two, and also the co-owner of 3rd Girl and Moore Styling Studio in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is also the owner of Be Moore Fly Accessories and Brown Suga Cosmetics. However, none of the titles accurately represent who Monica Moore truly is; a dependable and genuine person who understands the value of living right by treating others with honesty and compassion.

3rd Girl and Moore Styling Studio began opened their doors on October 19, 2015 and recently celebrated their first year of business. Moore’s business partner and met at the previous salon they worked in. “We connected on many things concerning the beauty industry and played with the idea of opening our own salon. When the perfect time arrived we ventured out and here we will are,” she says.

Moore provides her service to everyone, including all genders and ages. She is an expert on color, natural hair, relaxed hair, cuts, barbering, long and short hair. She also does weaves and different types of braids. Her main focus is healthy hair and making sure her clients take care of their hair in between services.
Moore didn’t make to the level of success she has experienced without the help of others within her industry. “My she-ro’s in the beauty industry has impacted me tremendously. Not only have they been a major force during my 20 plus years of professional styling, but so have my clients. Because of all the people I have had the pleasure of servicing over the years, I’ve become humble and eternally grateful to be able to use my gift,” she says.

The bond and the trust between the Moore and her clients has helped her to be aware of how much trust God has put in her hands. Her clients believe in her and trust Moore with more than just their hair. Because of that, it has strengthen her relationship with God, as she better understands how He is working through her. “It’s funny how I’m licensed as a cosmetologist but I do the work of many professions. It’s made me more mature as a stylist and as a woman,” she says.

Her inspirations are her mother who shows nothing but strength, courage, and faith. She also finds strength in her grandmother who taught her how to love. When nothing else seems right, Moore says she can always find resolve in her children Genesis and Jalen who, without any words, taught her how to never give up. She also credits Billy Moore for teaching her how to conquer her fears and to take charge over any situation.

Moore says what she loves most about her business is the intimacy. “We are a small salon which works for us in a big way. Many of our clients look for peace and relaxation in the salon and 3rd Girl and Moore Styling Studio provides that. We customize our schedule to meet everyone’s needs. If a client needs a 4:00 am appointment or a 9:00p.m. appointment, we make it happen. If a client needs a Sunday or Monday appointment we can do that too. In this industry it’s a must to make yourself available without becoming overwhelmed or neglecting your priorities,” she says.

In the near future 3rd Girl and Moore Styling Studio will be offering hair growth oils and hair vitamins to aid in the growing process and healthy hair regimes of our clients hair. They will also offer classes for their clients so they can learn how to take care of their hair in between visits to the salon. They will also have videos of styles they specialize in for other stylist who want to learn our techniques, as well as host classes for stylist who want to learn the art of eyebrow extensions, and color classes. She also plans to launch a book geared to the hair styling profession in 2017.

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