Monica Moyer

Fanta Dorley | March 22nd, 2021
Monica Moyer (Photos by Dorjae’ McClammey)

Monica Moyer (Photos by Dorjae’ McClammey)

“You never know what God has planned for you but keep the faith”. Famous inspirational words from a small-town girl with a great heart.

Monica Moyer was born and raised in Martinsville Virginia. While surrounded by the loving support of family and friends, she always knew there were great things planned for her life. While growing up in a close-knit community and helping her mother and grandmother bake in the kitchen, she had her hands full, but still enjoyed every moment. She found herself always thinking of different crafty baked experiments, and even connected with local party planners to provide treats for events. And just like that, Monica found something that she was not only good at, but loved to do as well: Bake, bake and bake some more.

Remember, that baking was a huge part of her life as a child. So, in the early 2000s, Monica decided to perfect her craft by taking classes for cake decorating. Although she enjoyed the class, the magic didn’t happen all at once. As a matter of fact, things were beginning to take a great toll on her. She was in transition with moving and adjusting to a new city, in addition to getting married and raising a young family, life became a lot. That didn’t stop her, though it may have slowed the progress down a little, her spirit and drive motivated her to continue to learn more about baking techniques and owning a business.

The opportunity of entrepreneurship came quickly in 2019. With her husband’s support and encouragement, Monica prayed and decided that it was time to go after her dreams.

Like all divine transactions, there was a post on Facebook advertising a bakery for sale in Archdale, N.C. Now with every dream, there is a level of reality that sets in and makes you ask yourself questions like: “How can we afford this?” “Is this the right time to own a business?” “Am I ready for all of this?” Monica shares these questions troubled her, as she had to make the decision quickly as to whether to pursue this bakery location or wait for another opportunity to come. She decided to step out on faith and go after what she wanted.

“My bold faith walk did not come without obstacles and a roller coaster of emotional decisions. I placed a bid on the location but was lost to another bidder in the first week. This could have been a devastating blow, but my faith reassured me this was my time for success,” she says. Monica and her family continued to pray for direction and strength to endure. A couple of days later, she received a call from the owners of Archdale Bakery saying that the bid fell through and the opportunity is still available.

Monica and her family were overjoyed by the news, though they had more questions: “Can we afford this, and how can this work?” Again, Monica stepped out on faith and asked the owner to give her 60 days to pay full deposit amount. The owner agreed with one stipulation; she must start in March 2020 instead of July. So, she did, and the Moyer family became proud owners of Archdale Bakery.

March is the month when seasons change, and opportunities develop, however Monica wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. It was around the same time that COVID 19 hit the nation as the world’s greatest pandemic, two weeks after opening day. More questions began to settle in Monica’s mind about did she make a mistake about purchasing the bakery. Furthermore, she had no clue as to how long the pandemic would last. “When you have the level of faith as I have, those type of questions only last for a moment. I immediately began to regroup and redirect my services,” she says. The location adjusted to offering curbside only service per government regulations. With some help from Jackie White of the Greensboro Black Cash Mob, the bakery was able to start getting online orders. Not only that, but Monica’s former employer at a banking call center began to make orders for events and allow employees to make orders. Things were looking up for the bakery. Monica and family were overjoyed with the areas of blessings and opportunity.

Monica knew that to whom much is given, much is required. While still building the brand of the bakery, Monica and family continued to strengthen their faith by attending a local church. This is the same church that the Moyers met their good friend Tiwanna Hairston. “She is more than just their good friend; she is like family. Tiwanna and I have experienced so many things together, but she has always been a constant encouraging force,” Monica shares. One day at church, Monica noticed that Tiwanna’s social media page was asking for anyone to be a match for a kidney donation.
No matter how Monica tried to shake it, the page just kept tugging on her heart. She even tried to explain the feeling away by convincing herself she just needed to pray for Tiwanna, hoping that someone else would step up. As time passed, no one did step up and after talking it over with her husband, she knew what she had to do. As fate would have it, she was a match. Monica and Tiwanna’s daughter decided to present this news to her in a special way. The church choir decided to bring Tiwanna in for a special tribute to her mother, who had passed away a few weeks prior.
What Tiwanna didn’t expect was for Monica to share some life changing news with her; she was a match. Of course, tears flowed, and joy spread throughout the building. The journey has now begun.

During the recovery period, people can give you advise as to what you should expect, but it does not quite pinpoint what you will experience. On October 6, 2020, the surgery was performed, and it was a success. The kidney transplant brought two families closer together. Tiwanna’s daughter even expressed her gratitude to Monica for helping her mom be there for her future graduation and wedding. For Monica, physical recovery was a challenge. She was out of work for six weeks which really took a toll on her business. Yet through the support of her awesome staff, she was able to take the recovery time needed and bounce back.

Through this entire experience, Monica is grateful for every outcome. Her friend’s life is restored, and she was able to play a part in her rebirth. The transplant also caused a change in her family. She has always been active but never really health conscious. Now her husband and son are more aware of their health and decided to start taking vitamins and seeing the doctor regularly. Monica says, “It is very important for those in the African American community to know their blood type and be an organ donor.”

Monica reflects to a teacher calling her the black unicorn; saying that she is “royalty in the world that people can’t see.” She shares, “what life has taught me is that family is everything and lessons are learned every day. I can see the life lessons being learned through my son working at the bakery. He started off putting out the cookies, but now he is creating items for the menu, and adding input to daily operations. His role is very promising for the extended future of the bakery.”

Monica plans to have more programs that will help develop the creative and entrepreneurial talents of the youth. Until then, the community will continue to enjoy the sweet and savory delicacies that Archdale Bakery provides. Although many of the same recipes of the original bakery are still being used, Monica and the crew are creating new crowd pleasers like Cracked Grapes, Candy Apples, Famous Strawberry Crunch Cake, and Banana Pudding. They have even started doing gourmet donuts that are a big hit at local corporate meetings.

The future for Archdale Bakery is looking delicious and it is strengthened by a strong, willing, and compassionate owner who has a giving heart for her community. To satisfy your sweet tooth, stop by their location.

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