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Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | July 16th, 2018
Monica Moyer (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Monica Moyer (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Being in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother as a child, is a memorable time for Monica Moyer. She would enjoy watching them bake all types of desserts for the family. At one point, she tried her hand at making candy apples, but it didn’t quite work out. In October 2017, she was informed that a friend was hosting a candy apple decorating class and she jumped at the chance and enrolled. Monica had always been a creative person, and this was one more thing to add to her list of talents, especially because she hadn’t been so lucky with the fruit in the past. Besides, she knew her children would have fun getting their hands sticky making treats out of sugar.

Upon completion of the class, Monica and her two little ones, Jayden, 9, and Chloe, 4, immediately started crafting crunchy apples layered with delicious candy, cake, and all sorts of colorful drizzles for themselves. She took pictures of her creations and posted them to her social media accounts, and just like that, Monica started getting requests from her friends and family to make her treats for birthdays, holidays, and other events. That led to others requesting decorated cakes and cookies and various desserts so she enrolled in a cookie decorating class that taught her other techniques her customers were in search of.

“After I took the class I started following other sweet treats people and looking at different posts for ideas. Then I started buying different molds, doing chocolate covered oreos, chocolate covered pretzels, then the gourmet apples stuffed with strawberry cheesecake, turtle candy and other flavors,” explains Monica.

By Christmas, Monica and her husband realized her new hobby was something serious and devised a plan to start a dessert business. By the beginning of 2018 MoeJoe’s Sweet Treats was born. She didn’t waste any time filling her calendar with birthday parties, baby showers, and weddings, ultimately creating almost 200 apples each weekend. “I also have a few friends that do event planning. When someone does a consultation and if they need treats, they recommend me. And I do the same. We link together and make the customer’s event work.”

When Monica isn’t thinking of new confections to create, she manages a team of 10 associates in the banking industry, and uses them as taste-testers. “I’m a full time manager, a full time wife, and a full time mother so I do my treat-making at night and on the weekends,” says Monica. It gets difficult at times, juggling her load, but she has accepted a certain level of responsibility as the matriarch of her family.

She’s not simply the matriarch but also one of the first role models for her children. Now, nine year old Jayden wants to follow in his mother’s footsteps and create his own gourmet popcorn. Chloe is too young to maneuver around an oven where most of the action happens, but she helps package the items and gives her mom ideas on treats to experiment with.

Monica and her husband, Miguel are making plans to one day have a storefront so that MoeJoe’s can be a one-stop shop for party treats. “As a mom who plans parties for my children, it’s tough going one place to get this and another place to get that. I want to be able to offer several different things. Especially since the treat tables are very popular now,” says Monica.

She doesn’t just want to stop at edible goods, Monica wants that same location to house full events such as gaming parties and spa days for children. Her ultimate goal is to leave her current full time job, step out on faith, and make her idea a reality.

With all the hats she wears, there are times that her own adverse thoughts get the best of her when it comes to her business. “My self doubt can sometimes bother me. Am I charging the right price, am I making the right treats? Then my husband, who is my biggest supporter, will say, ‘there are hundreds of barbershops and beauty salons and they all still get business. Nobody has the heart and the passion that you do.”

To keep her grounded but motivated, the Martinsville, VA native relies on her church family at Oak Ridge First Baptist Church, especially the first family, with whom she is very close. “My daughter takes dance there and both children currently attend their Vacation Bible School,” Monica says. She considers her friends and church members her family, her village. She feels fortunate to be able to call on them whenever she needs an extra pair of hands or even just a prayer to get her through.

MoeJoe’s Sweet Treats has grown tremendously with the help of social media and friends and family spreading the word. One day, when God says move, they’ll expand into four walls and serve the community one party at a time

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