Monica Moyer

Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | May 22nd, 2020
Monica Moyer

Monica Moyer

When Monica Moyer took a leap of faith in 2018 to start her own business, her ultimate goal was to one day transition from her small home kitchen to a storefront bakery. For the last two years, MoeJoe’s Sweet Treats has been carefully developing its products and growing it’s clientele. In March, Moyer’s tenacity finally paid off.

“In January I was just scrolling through Facebook and noticed that someone was selling their bakery. I knew I couldn’t afford it, but the owners persuaded me to come and see it,” Moyer explains. The owners, who had run Archdale Bakery for about five years, were ready to retire and had planned to leave everything in the store. Moyer needed time to contact her financial advisor who was traveling abroad. Within a few days, another suitor made a deposit on the property, and Moyer was crushed. Maybe this wasn’t meant to be after all.

“About a week and a half later, the owner called and said the other deal had fallen through and it was available again. We made a payment [plan] for the deposit and the deal was done.” Moyer actually settled the deposit well before her deadline and was able to get to work quickly.

In early March, at the onset of the current Coronavirus pandemic, the faithful entrepreneur made the difficult decision to leave her full-time job to pursue her passion. Thus far, she has not suffered any significant losses.

Considering the bakery is a staple in the community (Moyer is the third owner), she decided to keep the name intact. With the purchase of the store, Moyer was able to retain the staff, as well as utilize the expertise of the previous owner for the first two weeks, and will make herself available until Moyer completely learns the ropes of running the business. Not only is Moyer keeping and paying employees, but she’s providing comfort food to the patrons during this uncertain time.

The former owners offered a variety of pastries and specialty cakes that the customers have become accustomed to. Now, Moyer is excited to introduce the delights, that her own customers know and love, to Archdale Bakery’s long-standing customers who have frequented the establishment. MoeJoe’s Sweet Treats now has a new home and an even bigger audience to serve. Over the years she has wanted to experiment with new items and flavors, but working another job wouldn’t allow her to do that. Moyer would often burn the candle at both ends by working on treats until 1 a.m., sleeping for a few hours, then heading to her job early the next morning just to do all over again.

Being the owner and having one job has now afforded her more opportunity to create and most importantly, relax and spend time with her family. The best part, her daughter noticed that she’s able to sit and eat dinner and just be home.

“I know this was God-sent because nothing has really changed. We’re still open and doing great business with curb-side and pick up only,” says Moyer. There have been guidelines put in place to adhere to CDC guidelines to help fight the pandemic.

Currently, three employees are in the store at the same time, so she only allows six customers inside to pick up their items. They have plenty of hand sanitizer and the employees are encouraged to wear masks and gloves at all times. Each employee has also attended the ServSafe training.

Since she was first introduced to the public in 2018, Moyer has expanded. She has been able to forge relationships with several local party planners to be one of their preferred dessert vendors. As soon as large events are approved, her cakes will make reappearances at affairs across the city. She can do more than sell items at work or open a pop-up shop (a short-lived location) for a few days. The new space allows her to create more products. She can spend more time promoting the business on social media and will roll out a website in the near future.

“I learned to just focus on God and on being patient. He’ll lead you to where you need to be and I want others to know that.”

For now, Moyer has had to postpone her grand opening scheduled for April, and reschedule a few projects. But she is still confident in her decision. Following your dreams will never fail and she is on the right path to keeping this idea alive and well.

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