Monica Nevels

Arielle Kilgore | September 20th, 2021
Monica Nevels

Monica Nevels

The Covid 19 pandemic shed light on the significance of interacting. In 2020, when the virus made a thunderous introduction worldwide, many of us were forced into isolation. We lost our ability to connect. This sudden interruption of traditions prevented families from coming together and enjoying the presence of each other.

One amazing thing about coming together with people is the connections you get to make. Whether it’s a family cookout, graduation party, or homecoming, you get to feel people again. See people and talk to them again. The connections are endless, but the link to food is the real reason why we all love gathering around each other. Monica Nevels understands that and devotes her catering business, Faith ‘n’ Nevels Catering LLC, to bringing everyone together again.

Faith ‘n’ Nevels Catering LLC provides food dishes for all events, but not limited to weddings, ceremonies, graduations, and professional affairs. Their menu ranges from seafood platters to soul food courses that satisfy whatever theme the occasion may call for. Their services included setting up for the event and cleaning once the party is over. Faith N’ Nevels LLC offers personal pans and dinners for families and a personal chef option for couples.

Uniquely, you would believe that Monica serves with exceptional service through culinary academic training. Her skills are homegrown from a small town where cooking was a way of life.
Monica was born in Lake Providence, Louisiana. There she would cook with her mother in the kitchen. Her love for the kitchen grew there. What started in the kitchen found its way to her dorm at Alcorn State University, where she would cook for her friends and sorority sisters from Zeta Phi Beta, INC. Later on, she and her mom moved to Fort Worth, TX, and partnered to cook for First Missionary Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX. As her love grew even more, she started cooking delicacies like cheesecakes and Cajun Seafood recipes.

“When you eat my food, you get an old-school feel. You get a Marvin Gaye that makes you dance. I can’t even describe my style of cooking, I just know that God has blessed me with the gift to do it,” Monica shares.

Monica did not know that while servicing diligently in her faith with her friends and family from Koinonia Christian Church, it would be a platform to embark her on a new adventure. As they were like family to her, they would come to Monica’s home for many occasions to eat. These things Monica loved to do often.

As life continued to happen, a family friend asked her to cater an event. After talking with Billy Nevels, her husband of nine years (five at the time), they agreed to see where this could go. Monica said, “Yes, no problem!”

Monica created a setting using Eiffel towers with food geared towards the country of London. When her friend saw this, she was blown away, realizing that Monica had taken her skills to another level. “She asked me how I should be announced. My reply was “FAITH’N’NEVELS, Have Faith in Nevels, we’ll take care of you,” she says. That was October 21, 2017, and the stage was now set for Monica to host her first event. She catered her second event on October 21, 2019, and finally launched her business in the same year for everyone to enjoy.

While food brings us together, Covid-19 was set on keeping everyone apart. “It was two weeks after Covid started, and the demand for my food was unbelievable. I had to come up with something as opposed to doing big pan food, I had to minimize it for them and their families,” she says. Monica would soon combat this with a contactless service, making personal dishes from phone orders and setting them outside for people to come and pick them up.

One of her most memorable clients was Taylor Gabriel, a former professional football player. “He went dancing with my food and was like, “Girl, you did that”. It was an exciting experience,” she explains.

Although the accolades are tremendous for her business, the inspiration to keep going comes from cooking and building connections. Her peace is found in the decorative ideas God gives her and carrying out that idea. In all, Monica would choose to do this simply for the pure joy of it. “Some people might think that I spend too much money to run my business, but it’s not about the money. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to make money, but all in all, I desire for my clients to be happy.”

While Monica has enjoyed some fruits of her labor, she has also faced a few setbacks. Family and friends helped her start her business and what has kept everything together. Monica’s mom lived with her from college graduate school to the birth of Faith ’n’ Nevels. She was the backbone of her operations and a firm foundation for Monica. When her mom needed more care, family decisions were made, but her mom primarily made the decisions for herself so that Monica could pursue what she loved to do.

In the future, Monica hopes to expand into a possible storefront and eventually purchase a commercial kitchen. She also hopes to become more versatile and grow her skills and create new dishes. Everything that Monica does happens with her 16-year-old daughter in mind. “I am creating a legacy for her and hope that she will carry on this tradition,” she says.

For more information or booking with Faith ‘n’ Nevels Catering LLC, please visit their website.

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