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by Terry Watson | August 6th, 2011

Sharward Moore (Photo by Brad McKenzie)

In order to reach his goals, Sharward Moore believes that he must encourage others to strive to reach theirs. He describes himself as a big thinker with big dreams. As his path in life has been littered with ups and downs, Moore credits his support team of family and friends for being consistent and faithful.

A native of Greenville, S.C. Moore moved to Charlotte in 2008 with aspirations to grow his marketing business, Moore Marketing. Providing marketing plans and campaigns for small businesses, his focus is to assist small business owners with their marketing needs. “Our team is driven by the success of your business,” says Moore. “We are well aware of the fact that the more we help others businesses grow, the more our business will grow.” Moore Marketing services are based around their clients budgets without comprising the quality of service given.

After being provided with a free initial consultation, clients are paired with a marketing campaign that’s specifically tailored for their business. In order to effectively meet the campaign goals, each clients target audience must be identified. Once completed, a combination of tools within Moore’s arsenal are utilized. These services include graphic design, web design, flyers, business cards, flyers, business cards, and post cards. In addition, he also incorporates videography services with television commercials, music videos, and online video promotions. He also relies on screen printing and embroidery services to effectively complete the campaign for his clients.
Moore says the one thing he loves about Moore Marketing is his ability to help other businesses grow. Many businesses are using old and ineffective advertising and marketing strategies. He states that when someone owns a small business, their really in the business of marketing. “I love the challenge of creating different marketing strategies for businesses. It’s like a puzzle. You have the pieces but you have to place them in the right places for them to fit,” says Moore.

“I’m inspired by other business owners such as Shawn Haskins of Styles By Shawn,” says Moore. “She set a goal to be a business owner while she was just a little girl and she has reached it. The fact that she works for herself and doesn’t punch a clock inspires me.” He says he is also inspired by the little known businesses (mom and pop stores) who have been providing services in their communities for 10 to 20 years.

Moore says God has impacted his life the most. “He has continued to have mercy on me, over and over. It has been his grace that has brought me this far. He protected me when I was in the streets and changed my way of thinking and living,” Moore says. His mother Jennifer Johnson and father Sharward Moore Sr. he says, have always directed him on the right path in life. His brother Shaft Johnson and brother in Christ Padarrah Moss, has always encouraged him to strive, think outside of the box, and to never give up on his dreams.
Going forward Moore says he plans to continue to focus on helping small businesses change the way they market their business. He would like to see more small businesses working together to build each other’s business. He would also like to see Moore Marketing expand throughout the East Coast and create a network of small businesses while doing so. His advice to others who may follow in his footsteps is to keep God first in all that you do. “Never give up, listen, and make decisions that are best for you,” he says. “A success story is only good if it is developed from a struggle!”

For more info please contact Sharward Moore at (704) 774-7166, or visit Moore Marketing online at He can also be reached by email at

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