Moore Out of Life: What’s Your Mindset For 2015

Demetra Moore | January 9th, 2015
Demetra Moore (Photo by Demetra Moore)

Demetra Moore (Photo by Demetra Moore)

The New Year is here and now is the time to really change your mind! Not just what you think but how you arrived at the very thought of what to think. Have you ever wondered why you think the things you think and do the things you do?

I want you to picture your life as it is now, including your friends, your loved ones, your job and your overall health. How do these thoughts make you feel? You may not know it, but the life you are living is a reflection of your beliefs. The beliefs you live by, and how they make you act and feel, are the difference between people who live lives filled with abundance from those who do not.

For instance, people who continue to stay in abusive relationships, work at jobs they don’t enjoy, or struggle financially, do so as a result of their beliefs. According to Dr. Helmstetter, author of What to Say When You Talk To Yourself, “75 percent or more of everything that is recorded in our subconscious mind is counterproductive and works against us – in short we are programmed not to succeed.” If this is the case, all of our successes and failures are in some way influenced by this unconscious way of thinking.

In order to become more successful we must replace our negative thoughts with positive ones. This may sound easy but it actually takes a little practice.

You can start thinking more positively by doing the following:

  1. Establishing a “Success Itinerary”. Write down your goals, the reasons why they are important and strategies and timelines for your accomplishments. This will give you something to aim for.
  2. Expand your network of likeminded people. Expanding your network of contacts will enable you to find more people that can help you reach your goals.
  3. Join a Mental Mastery group. Learn to make affirmations, mediate and control your subconscious. These groups can help change your perception, which can change your view of the world from negative to positive.
    Much of the struggle you experience in life relates to the inner turmoil you feel when you make a new choice that conflicts with the set of rules you have created about life and simply forgotten. To end this struggle and become the master of your own destiny, you must master the unconscious beliefs that control you.
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