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by Terry Watson | October 23rd, 2012

Demetra Moore (Photo by Demetra Moore)

Moore Out of Life is a Professional Development Company. Its goal is to build an alliance with clients through coaching. Coaching takes you from where you are to where you want to be, says Demetra Moore, owner and founder. “It teaches you how to tap into your purpose and passion in life,” she says.

A native of Florence, SC Moore is passionate about helping others. She describes herself as an outgoing and enthusiastic person who is in love with God. “I never encounter strangers and thrive off meeting and sharing experiences with others,” she says. She has three sisters and one brother. They grew up in a loving family, but she says not in the best conditions. Her parents divorced when she was in middle school and she became a product of a single parent, income based housing, and government assisted lifestyle. “I grew up believing life had so much more to offer than my present situations. I dreamt of ownership, success, financial stability, and professional growth throughout my life,” she says.

Even though she didn’t know or see anyone who had achieved it still Moore pursued. She learned from her teachers and guidance counselors that education was one of the many keys to changing your situation. Therefore, she read lots of books and prided herself on learning new things which would push her forward in life. As an adult, she is a mentor for the Big Brother Big Sister program in Charlotte. “This is my way to show young adults who live similar lives as I did that there is other options and give them a real example of someone who achieves,” says Moore.

Coaching sessions offered by Moore are life changing, authentic, intuitive, and empowering. She is committed to helping others face life challenges through empowering strategies and tactics. She acknowledges that there will always be daily complications in life, but says there are always daily options. “There are no problems, only opportunities for increasing potential on this amazing journey we call life.” The primary focus of her business is to help he clients gain clarity and confidence around their career choices. Moore says she strives to teach people that, with a plan and purpose you can do anything.

Moore’s typical clients are people who are in transition (changing careers, or starting a new career), seeking advancement, and looking to enhance their professional growth. These are individuals within the age range of 25-45. Earlier this year she started taking on juniors and seniors in high school and speaking to them about career development and college decisions.

Moore teaches workshops at organizations such as ITT Tech, YMCA Achievers programs, and local churches and networking groups. Her primary services are career coaching, personal branding, interview prep and professional development workshop sessions. She says she is inspired by the personal growth and success stories by the every day person. Hearing how people overcome daily obstacles and establish their dreams moves her beyond measure.

Two years ago, she had the privilege of hearing Chris Gardner, author of Pursuit of Happiness, speak. She says he talked about how he wanted more and was willing to take a chance to have a better life. “It’s people like that who take chances and step out on faith who I find to be most inspiring,” says Moore. “I am moved by showing others that life has options in all situations all they need to do is explore them. We only have one life and one time to live it to best of our ability. I love empowering people to see themselves as having victory and not being a victim of a situation.”

Moore Out of Life is all about helping others see their value and understand how to increase it by continuing to grow professionally. “Clients see the value in my service and are always grateful. My relationships with them are long lasting. Touching aspects of people’s lives in a positive manner is huge. You never know how it impacts them to help others,” says Moore.

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