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by Terry Watson | November 17th, 2015
Derek L Morehead Sr.

Derek L Morehead Sr.

Derek L Morehead Sr. is a Greensboro, N.C. native and is passionate about the Greensboro community as a whole. He is a graduate of James B. Dudley Senior High School as well as Guilford College with a BA in Business Management with a Minor in Human Resource Management and Money and Finance.

He is an Elder at the church he attends and found his way to the Body of Christ in what he calls his “Damascus Road Experience”. A car accident that should have killed him in June 1993 opened his eyes to the Redemptive Power of God’s Grace. He realized God had other plans for his life. The accident captured his attention and caused him to seek out who the real God is. Elder Morehead later gave his life to Christ in August 1993 after an encounter with God at Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Church.

Morehead and his family are members of Calvary Covenant Fellowship in the city of High Point, N.C. He is married to Minister Delight Morehead, and to this union they have four children, Derek L. Morehead Jr., Collin J. Morehead, Ethan A. Morehead and Camille E. Morehead.

He is professionally working as an Entrepreneur to establish a legacy for his family with Morehead Enterprises. Under this umbrella the community will be serviced by tax, financial, automotive and loan services. Morehead will use past experiences in the Automotive and Banking industries and Education as a Business Graduate of Guilford College, to accomplish, set goals. His production was within the top ten percent and was named salesman of the year at Crown KIA 2002. He also managed four processes in the Bankruptcy Department at Bank of America until June of 2015.
Because Morehead remembers his past, one of his focus scriptures is Mark 10:27 which reads “And Jesus looking upon them saith, with men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible”. He often quotes “Change is necessary for all men but True change only comes when men decide to follow God”.

He offers the products and services to get your financial house in order. “My business is based off of the spiritual principle of stewardship. I offer services that help you maintain the integrity of stewardship and that outlines the inheritance in which God wants us to have. I did not have any inheritance when I was preceded in death by both of my parents. My wife and I committed to leaving a legacy to our children through proper protection and strategic financial planning,” he says.

Morehead offers tax preparation services that can be used to leverage and bridge the gap on needs such as debt elimination and financial stability. He strives to ensure families have the proper products to fit their needs and takes pride in educating his clients. Tax preparation is not a one size fits all process he says, and everyone’s income and situation is different.

“Helping people, common ordinary, hardworking people maximize on their tax returns, is the best part of what I do. I love to see people’s financial situation turn around for the better. Some people are loyal to a preparer or to a brand, however, I assure that my client’s refund is maximized and their taxes are done right,” says Morehead. Helping people overcome financial obstacles and change their perspective on really experiencing financial independence is something that he stands by. “The annual tax refund is one tool I use to help people, to change how they will look at money and become debt free. I also help people get out of the poverty mindset and encourage them to get wise counsel when it comes to what they really should do with their tax refund,” he says.

Immediately, starting December 7th, though his commitment to transparency and the fact that his clients feel comfortable with him, Morehead says he is looking forward to having a no fee upfront tax preparation consultation with anyone. “Through established relationships built on trust I look forward to Morehead Enterprises growing into one of the most known tax preparation and financial planning brands,” he says.

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