Morgan Brandon

by Terry Watson | July 21st, 2016
Morgan Brandon (Photos by J Humble Photography)

Morgan Brandon (Photos by J Humble Photography)

Morgan Brandon of Durham wears many hats. Among them are mother, sister, friend, and cousin. Yet, most of all she is a goal achiever.

Morgan was reared in a single parent household but had a dream to do great things with her life. The youngest of three siblings, and the only daughter to her parents, Morgan says she had words of prosperity spoken over her before she was born. It was said that she would be a business owner and become the CEO of her corporation. She would also conduct business meetings and her name would be etched into the minds of those in attendance as a strong black woman. “Words have power and I also know that persistence pays off,” she says.

Her grandmother had a love and talent for cosmetology. She completed the course, Morgan says but never worked professionally. She was the neighborhood “kitchen cosmetologist” with a loyal following of friends and neighbors. She even taught Morgan how to use Marcel curlers and gave her a vintage pair. When she passed, Morgan honored her by styling her hair.

At age 12, she penned her dream of owning five salons as a licensed cosmetologist during a journal writing session in Language Arts class. “Every doll that I received for Christmas got their hair styled on Christmas night. I had heads in the sink getting shampooed and I started to do my own hair at age eight. I even had loyal and paying customers at age 12,” she says. She set out on life to accomplish her goals, but as life would have it, there were roadblocks and stepping stones along the way.

She received a high school equivalency degree and eventually graduated from Carolina Beauty College in 2004. Morgan then worked at several commissioned based salons before renting a booth which allowed to learn more about the hair styling industry from a different perspective. “The best lesson I learned was understanding my self worth and that I am a professional with a whole lot to offer,” she says.

In June 2016, Morgan took a step of faith to move out into a space of her own, Morgan’s Hair Studio. As a business owner, she benefits from several perks that come with it. “I love the fact that I get to work at my own pace and create relationships with my clients. I also understand the importance of being an example to others,” she says.

Morgan’s Hair Studio offers a variety of services ranging from chemicals, cuts, braids, weaves, and extensions. Additionally she offers the very popular “chemical-free silk wrap’ which has a natural, scientific effect to the hair. More importantly, she strives to provide her clients with the best quality and highest level of customer service available. “I love the fact that this was a long-term dream and goal, and through faith, God has allowed me to achieve,” she says.

Brandon offers sound advice to others who may follow in her footsteps. “Never give up on your dreams or goals and never think you’re too old to start. Always trust and believe in God,” she says. “When doors open for me and I see a dream realized, it strengthens and molds me into a mindset where I only want the best and more.”

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