Mount Zion Baptist Church Family Conference 2014

by Tonya Dixon | July 11th, 2014

Family Matters Conference flyerFrom the beginning of time the family has been the bedrock of society. God instituted family even before He began delivering his laws. It stands to reason that when a family is intact then other aspects of life will eventually follow suit. Mount Zion Baptist Church of Greensboro, Inc. has caught hold of that premise and has determined to be among the first to help lead families back to its proper position. Consequently, the ministry is gearing up to host its first Family Matters Conference August 13 – August 16, 2014.

The conference is specifically designed to renew faith, reignite fellowship and reaffirm the entire family. Each segment of the family is targeted. There will be something for every aspect and every person—marriages, singles, youth, children, traditional families, blended families and single parent homes. Through combined and breakout sessions of worship and practical seminars, Family Matters will address relevant and current issues that every family faces.

Last year, Mount Zion began having “themed” months. Each month church activities were centered on a specific theme such as stewardship or discipleship. When the focus turned to family issues the response was enormous. Leadership began hearing testimonies of how lives had been changed and family relationships improved simply through the month long series. Moreover, people were requesting more. The church soon discovered what they were hearing wasn’t an anomaly. They needed to do more. Through prayer their decision was confirmed and the vision began to take shape. The idea is for those who were not able to experience the powerful sessions last year to have an opportunity to hopefully receive breakthrough in their lives as well.

Senior Pastor Bryan Pierce explains just how important it is for the church to empower families. “I’m kind of old fashioned when it comes down to family. I still believe family is the fabric of society and the community. When it comes to church the family serves as a witnessing tool,” says Pierce. “There are some people whose introduction to God will be based on their introduction to a family. My son or daughter may meet someone that doesn’t know Christ. If that person comes into our Christian home then that becomes the greatest witness or testimony. That will make that person, who doesn’t know Christ want to know him and attend church.” Pierce also cautions it could also have the opposite effect if the fruit of the family is contrary to the Word of God.

Pierce adds that if the church can empower families and give them tools to succeed then the lost can be won. “We want to reach beyond the four walls and prepare this generation and families to be equipped to handle different issues. If we [the church] can come alongside and be an aid then we will do a great service to the kingdom.”

Young Adult Pastor Joe Frierson says a kingdom mindset is exactly how the church approaches the issue of empowering families. He says, “Families are connected to other families which are connected to regions. If we continue to offer spiritual growth opportunities to families it will begin to have a regional effect.”

The conference is fueled through constant intercessory prayer. Not only is there a call for the family to reunite, but there is a mandate for fathers to resume their natural leadership role in the family. Even though some fathers may not be able to physically be in the home, the ministry contends that fathers are a necessary component to reconnecting families and will be addressed throughout the conference.

Although the foundation of Family Matters is certainly based upon Christian principles and rooted in Biblical themes and although there will be church services during the conference, the entire event is designed to affect and empower the natural as well as the spiritual man. Pierce says the conference is breaking down the barriers of “churchiness.” The event will kick off with a family movie night on the church lawn, followed by a fireworks show. From spelling bees to panel discussions, each day registrants can expect a well-balanced plate of information, entertainment, worship and music. Many of the events are even open to the public. The Family Matters Conference may be new and different, but the vision and purpose remains consistent with the churches core mission to reconcile the world to God through Jesus Christ.

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