Move Forward and Silence Your Critics

by Terry Watson | November 11th, 2011
Terry Watson

Terry Watson - Editor

If you don’t believe in yourself, then who will? Our ambitions and aspirations are not welcomed by everyone, and with growth there is opposition that wants to stunt it. These oppositions can be relentless and their determination is as serious as our reasons to succeed.

However, the upper-hand belongs to those who strive and make continuous efforts to reach their goals. This happens because the sensation of winning is something that everyone thirsts for.

Imagine this situation. As far back as they could remember, an individual had decided on what they wanted to do with their life. On Friday nights around ten o’clock, it was a family ritual to watch music videos, a new technology in the early 1980’s that showcased musicians in a filmed or videotaped rendition of a recorded song, including visual images interpreting the lyrics. With young and impressionable viewers, some of their mindsets were almost transformed instantly into what they saw and heard. For the remainder of their life they would do whatever it took to be a music superstar.

Early on everyone loved their act. Smiles and applauds fueled their fire and pushed them to new and exciting levels. It wasn’t just their mother saying “baby you can sing” but it seemed like everyone loved them. However, as their dreams took them to new heights along came tougher challenges and criticism. It seemed that not everyone was a fan. “You can’t sing, or you don’t have stage appeal, and you need more artist development,” were some of the discouraging words planted into their spirit. Still this person pushed on because something on the inside told them to do so.

Along their journey, they experienced musical success by winning talent competitions and eventually got a record deal. They even recorded several music videos and received several awards and accolades. These accomplishments never came as surprise to them because they always believed in themselves. It was only a surprise to those who doubted their capabilities.

In situations like these we must believe in the gifts and talents that God places in us. He wants us to be faithful and act on our faith. The critics will try to stop you, but if you continue to press on and continue small steps to your big goal, even your critics will someday become one of your biggest fans.

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