My Actions Will Make My Dreams A Reality

by Terry Watson | January 16th, 2018

Terry Watson – Editor

If I was to sit at home and dream about vacationing on a tropical island, my imagination would be the only island I would visit. In order for my physical being to be able to catch up with my imagination, I would have to make arrangements for it to do so. Such arrangements may involve contacting a travel agent, purchasing tickets for a flight, and booking a hotel room at a resort. In other words, my reality will only exist if an action is made by me to breathe life into my dreams.

Some of the best advice ever given to me, came during a stormy season in my life. Though I wasn’t quite aware of what I was experiencing, someone who genuinely cared about my present as well as my future threw me a life preserver. They told me to pay very close attention to what was going on around me and that not everyone and everything I was connected to was purposed for me. “Don’t allow that or them to kill your purpose,” I clearly recall them telling me. I didn’t know what to do with it then but the picture would become clearer for me at a later time.

It was obvious to others that I had a purpose for my life, though I wasn’t aware of it. As I tried to get along and fit in, the bottom appeared to give way. While the winds of my storm raged with intensity, I was pulled in one direction and knocked down in another. I began to seek help from others but that only complicated things. This was totally out of character for me because I was “Mr. Independent” and accustomed to having all of the answers and handling things all by myself.

Quite often I look back at that moment and realize it was God working through them to reach me. Those experiences taught me a great deal about myself. I learned that it is alright to be trusting and caring, but to also be aware of those who have been sent by the enemy to stunt my growth. I also learned if I am running to something that is running away from me, let it go. When I try to force my way into a situation that has proven I don’t belong there, I am asking for trouble. What God has for me is for me, and in order for me to obtain it, I must act upon it to make it a reality.

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