My Mechanics On Wheels

by Terry Watson | January 14th, 2016
Chad and Phyllis Underwood (Photo by Mykel Media)

Chad and Phyllis Underwood (Photo by Mykel Media)

You should never judge a book by its cover. This is especially true when it comes to Chad and Phyllis Underwood. The newlyweds are still glowing in marital bliss as they are building a life and future as one. Chad, being the true gentleman that says he is the king to his queen. Phyllis only compliments him as they both exude a sincere love for God, acknowledging Him for the many episodes of grace in their lives.

A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Chad was raised in Wilmington, N.C. After graduating from high school he enrolled in the United States military, spending time in both the Army and the Marines, before getting hurt and receiving an honorable discharge in 1990.

After the military, Chad fell into a life of drug use and despair. For nearly 20 years he used cocaine as a means to cope. It was during his addiction that he met Phyllis, who was also in her own battle with drug addiction. Over the next 20 years they would stay in touch with each other. Little did they know how their lives would play out.

Chad lived on the streets, in and out of men’s shelters. “I slept in cars, on buses, under bridges and in abandoned buildings,” he says. He also spent time in countless treatment facilities before landing at Hope Haven, a housing facility for recovering addicts.

While at Hope Haven he was able to establish some good habits. He landed a job and even got his own home. He would move his parents to Charlotte from Atlanta, Ga. It was around this time when he and Phyllis would reconnect. She had been clean for almost seven years at the time. Phyllis says they spent time talking and learning each other from a whole new perspective. “He talked to me and we both learned that we wanted something more than just a friendship,” she says. Phyllis isn’t your average lady. She knows what she wants and refuses to settle for less.

Nearly five months after they arrived in Charlotte, Chad was involved in a terrible accident that left him injured and without a vehicle. While he recovered, his parents provided him with a vehicle. He knew at that point that he needed to do something to show his appreciation to God for his favor and grace. He also wanted to use the vehicle to be a blessing to others and sow into the lives of others.

A certified mechanic by trade, working on vehicles came naturally. While in the military he had acquired mechanical skills. In January 2015, he started his very own company and ministry, My Mechanic On Wheels.
With his business, he is able to help others who need mechanic and repair services but may be experiencing financial difficulties. The labor rates are almost more than half of the industry standard. He also provides discounted services for the elderly, and even those who may not be able to help those with no capabilities to pay at all. Although he would like to, he admits that he isn’t able to serve everyone. “As a Christian, I want to reach as many souls as possible and share the good news of Christ with them, so that they may receive the same salvation that I have,” he says. He also lends his services to the church that he attends, Life Changing Church, Inc., which is led by Overseer Dorothy Wood-McGuire. There he serves on the choir and evangelist team.
Several months after starting his business, those long talks the couple had together began to pay dividends. In April 2015, they were married and their union was solidified. Chad and Phyllis both know that their lives are a living testimony. Others who were there with them while they were waist deep into their addictions, the addicts and pushers can now look at their lives and see that there is hope, even for them.
They acknowledge that without God, they can do nothing, but with God everything is possible. Their future seems bright as they move forward in life to serve people and help others.

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