Mylick Elliott Dargan

by Terry Watson | January 8th, 2012
Malik Elliott

Malik Elliott Dargon

Who is Mylick?
I am 14 years old and I live with my mom and little brother. I love playing basketball and hope to go pro when that time comes. If it is not Gods will for me to go pro I plan on being a Pediatrician because I love kids. My mom has brought me up in the church and I am a true believer in prayer because of the many things I saw my mom go through.

What school do you attend?
Guillford Technical Community College Middle College in Jamestown.

What are your achievements?
During this first nine weeks of school this year it was a challenge for me with science. I made a “D” for the class but after meeting with my mom and the principal, they encouraged me to do better. I began to buckle down and study harder and was able to bring my grade up to a “B”.

What are your athletic achievements?
My dad has kept me active with sports since I was seven. I played football and basketball every year. Now that I am in high school I am focused on basketball and I currently play at the shooting guard position for Dudley High School.

What are your inspirations?
Jesus, my mom and Chris Hammond are my spiritual inspirations.

Who has impacted your life the most?
My mom has impacted my life the most because I have seen her go through the hardest times and she was able to still pray, laugh, and take care of me and my little brother.

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