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by Terry Watson | April 29th, 2015
Audrey Rene’e Lewis and the NABAJ Insurance Group team (Photo by Howard Gaither)

Audrey Rene’e Lewis and the NABAJ Insurance Group team (Photo by Howard Gaither)

As owner and CEO, Audrey Rene’e Lewis has plans to see her company with offices spread all across the country. “I want to build a team of independent insurance agents that have the same passion for helping people as I do,” she says. Too often there are agents who have given this industry a bad name. NABAJ Insurance Group is a team of agents that are self-motivated and determined to be successful. The agents of NABAJ also must have a passion for helping people. “I would also like to show agents there is great money to be made in this industry if you just treat people the way you want to be treated and then go a step further,” says Lewis.

NABAJ Insurance Group, LLC is a full service agency that offers just about every type of insurance policy there is and more including: life and accidental death insurance from over 20 different carriers. The company is also licensed to serve anyone and everyone in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. Additionally, they provide health insurance from major carriers both on and off exchange for individuals and groups such as The Affordable Care Act Coverage, also known as Obama Care, as well as regular health insurance coverage. Lewis says they also offer Key Man Insurance that protects the owner(s), partners and the business itself in the event of a health or life crisis. They offer Identity theft protection and legal services that include a will or estate conservation through Legal Shield®. They also offer Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Coverage through all the major carriers like United Health Care, Humana, Aetna, Blue Cross – Blue Shield, Cigna and Gateway. In addition, they offer dental, vision and hearing coverage. NABAJ will soon be offering auto, renters, fire, homeowners and liability insurance. These are currently being offered by their in-house partnering agent.

Lewis says she will never forget the moment of which her business started nearly 22 years ago. Her district manager took her out training with him to deliver her first insurance settlement check. She says the look on her clients face when handed a check for $50,000 warmed her heart. “She had lost her husband of many years and didn’t know how she was going to make it through. We showed up with that check and I realized that God chose me for moments just like that,” Lewis explains.

That was 22 years ago and since then she has helped clients feed their families, keep their homes, pay their bills and sustain a sense of peace by knowing that if they died tomorrow, their families and assets are protected and covered.

When she first began college, Lewis wanted to be a computer science manger. Her path in life changed. She started selling credit card insurance in 1993. “I did pretty good, but it was not enough to raise a family of four. I had three children and needed a job that would provide me the flexibility of being there for my kids and still be able to make money,” she says. She was working for a Fortune 500 company and was eventually promoted to the position sales verifier. Over the years her roles would change and navigate her to the doors of NABAJ.

In order to realize and understand what it takes to be successful, she had to overcome her own fears and doubts. NABAJ oversees independent agents that are top-notch professionals in their field and willing to be led. “Today if you have a computer and a willingness to help others, you can be an insurance agent. If you are willing to be teachable and let those who have weathered the storms guide you, then you too can be an insurance agent,” she says.

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