Nanette Carter

by Terry Watson | March 22nd, 2021
Nanette Carter (Photos by Tim Boone Jr.)

Nanette Carter (Photos by Tim Boone Jr.)

“I want to provide a place where people can come and feel at home, before they even make a purchase”.

That is exactly how LeaVies Furniture makes every customer feel – like they are coming to visit family. From the friendly greeting with cookies and lemonade, to the vibrant handpicked furniture pieces for sale, LeaVies is a place that matches your vision with a furniture shopping experience. Clients feel like family because the company is founded on the foundation of family.

Brother and sister owners, Will Maberson, Jr and Nanette Carter, also known as the “Furniture Duo”, always had an interest in being entrepreneurs. Growing up in Summerfield, North Carolina watching their family members run their own businesses, they were encouraged to follow in the family footsteps. Will and Nanette’s grandparents from both sides of the family, owned successful local businesses, The Chavis Handy Corner and The Bargain House. They have vivid memories of going to their grandfather’s store after school and playing until time to go home as customers came and went. Their first introduction to running a business was working at their mother’s Janitorial and Catering business. Even while helping her mother, Nanette also modeled for Dudley Products and other companies.

After getting married to her husband, Lawrence, and working at a local company for 22 years, Nanette decided it was time for a change. “It was time to do something that made me happy instead of just having a job,” she says. “I remember talking it over with my husband and deciding to take a leap of faith and start our first furniture boutique.” Their journey began with Lawrence stepping in. “He worked at various furniture showrooms, which allowed him to pick out bargained pieces to be resold at our small boutique. Things were going well. We finally had a small place to display our collection. Unfortunately, Lawrence had a stroke that caused changes in operating the business, but Will stepped right in to help,” Nanette says.

Lawrence would eventually recover, and Nanette transitioned into more personal home decorating and personal shopping. Their families took notice and encouraged Nanette and Will to expand. They quickly outgrew the first location and began looking for another. After careful consideration, they decided upon a property that had been in the family for years.

With every blessing there comes a test. To open the new location, they had to go through rezoning and many other obstacles. With lots of support from the community and family they were able to get through the process of transitioning from residential to commercial. With that change came the new name of LeaVies Furniture Boutique in honor of their beloved grandmother, Leavie Maberson.

Located at 7906 Summerfield Road in Summerfield, North Carolina, LeaVies opened its doors on November 7, 2019 in the middle of a pandemic. Nanette says, “My mom encouraged us to open. She just wanted to be here to see it.” By faith they opened the boutique and do not regret it. They opened their doors debt free, as the building was gifted to them. Most of the large furniture is purchased upon ordering. There are multiple accessories and handcrafted pieces from local creatives. LeaVies gives those business owners a platform to display their items to a faithful and consistent clientele. As one looks around the boutique, they will see custom body scrubs, wax melts and artwork. The items transform the small quaint farmhouse into a comfortable, contemporary, welcome home experience. “People always say the experience they feel when they walk through the doors is pleasantly unexpected.”

As co-owners of LeaVies, Nanette and Will strive to grow the company in a way to help the community more. Growing up in their family, they were taught to love their neighbors and do what they could for each other. The family values also extended to providing important financial lessons that they follow to this day. “I remember being taught not to live beyond our means and to remember to always have savings and less waste,” she says. With those lessons, the duo learned to work hard, save, and understand the value of money.

The duo received much support and business capital needed from a much-loved fairy godmother. “Who can say they have that” she laughs. “We are blessed.” Because of their solid foundation they can operate the business with the level of personalization they have dreamt about. “When a customer calls and asks for a particular piece, I have what they want in mind as well as other items to accessorize. They trust me to put it together,” she says. “Some combinations can be described as traditional with a twist or country with a little bling. However, all services are custom to the client’s needs.”

Nanette’s decorating skills have kept her working at Dynacon, a local event center, for ten years. She gives her all for both businesses. Of course, the love they have for people does not just stay in the building. LeaVies is greatly involved with causes for the community. They take old furniture and give it away to the needy and donate furniture items to churches for silent auctions and other functions.

So, as you visit that acre of land adorned by the country wheelbarrow, short walk bridge, Ms. Margaret’s Magnolia tree, and comfortable rocking chairs on the front porch, just get ready to receive your lemonade and feel the welcome home. Always know they are looking out for you the same way they have looked out for each other all through the years. Hopefully, they will be able to take a vacation soon, but for now, they are loving every minute of having their own business.

They are the furniture duo on the rise. To learn more about LeaVies Furniture, please stop by and see what they might have for you.

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