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by Terry Watson | November 16th, 2020
Nequetta Alford

Nequetta Alford

Nequetta Alford is the face and founder of NAO Fit Gang, a fitness apparel program whose mission is to encourage a healthy lifestyle while living wiser and being in style, at an affordable cost. Their products range from lady’s workout gear and everyday wear. They specialize in gym gear, swim gear, and everyday wear.

Nequetta is an inspirational and motivational movement that specialize in mental health, health and wellness. Nequetta is a native of Pine Bluff, AR. She relocated to Philadelphia, PA in 2004 with $37,000 in savings, and a determination to attend graduate school. Today, she has set her sights on sharing her knowledge on physical fitness.

NAO Fit Gang specializes in quality fitness products including fitness gear, detox juices, belly fat juices, teas and coffee, fitness challenges, and women and men’s empowerment. Their products range from fitness coaching to detoxes, to work out and fitness gear that assists their clients with meeting all their fitness and wellness needs

Their target audience are women and men, between the ages of 18-70. Women make up over 79% of users who utilize their platform daily. They have begun to see more men join the movement as of recently. “Our products are for the woman or man that struggles with losing weight or eating healthy, or even detoxing and may need support. We specialize in helping others and our motto is, “We help women who help women who help women who,”” she shares.

“We began in 2018 with our fitness challenge. This year we are on our 52nd challenge in two years. Our challenges take place in the support group on Facebook. In that group, there are over 900 members that are getting healthy, enjoying the challenges and inspiring others,” Nequetta says.

Being a business owner has it shares of perks. Nequetta says there are many things that she loves about her business as well. “I love that I’m actually helping hundreds of families. I love that men are loving the products and the movement. I love that families are now joining, and we are an international brand that ships our products outside of the USA. We have six Brand Ambassadors and four Affiliates across the globe,” she says.

Nequetta has overcome several challenges in business but recognizes them for being steppingstones along her path to success. “The biggest challenge I face in business is collaborating with like minds. I only want to work with women and men in business that have business skills. I want to build more long-lasting connections and collaborations to grow and partner with, internationally,” she says.

She credits her mother and daughter for both being mentors who pour into her vision. She is also thankful for Dovie Burl, Dr. Reginald Banks, Dr. Ayo Gooden, Darlene Harris, Joe of Acclaim Academy, Mary Ann of Indigo Blue, and Clint of Briggs Barbecue. She says they have all played a role in her growth and has pushed and inspired her to do more and be her absolute best.

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