Naquetta Mitchell

by Terry Watson | November 16th, 2020
NaQuetta Mitchell

NaQuetta Mitchell

NaQuetta Mitchell of Hopewell, VA is truly a “Woman Of Endurance”. She is the mother of two amazing young ladies who are the driving force behind her desire to accomplish each assignment God puts before her. She is also the face and founder of Higher Than This Transformational Coaching, and a nonprofit organization, Women of Endurance.

Higher Than This is a coaching firm that specializes in transforming relationships that include self, romantic, platonic, familial, and community. “At Higher Than This, we specialize in bringing hope and clarity to your relationships. We will help you understand what options are open to you. We will help you feel confident in making your decision,” she says. With Women of Endurance, its focus is geared towards assisting women with turning devastation into determination.

NaQuetta shares how her journey began. “I got started officially in 2014. During that season of my life I was a mother of one and expecting my next child, all while going through a divorce. It was during this season that I had decided to move back to my hometown of Hopewell, Va. While going through this transition, it was not a lot of assistance for women in my situation. Even though I was married to the military, they couldn’t help me. Even though I was going through a divorce, social services couldn’t help me either,” she says. NaQuetta knew at that moment there was a void that needed to be filled.

Some of the services offered with Higher Than This are one on one coaching sessions, group sessions, and speaking engagements. “My services are geared towards those who have a desire to be the change they wish to see,” says NaQuetta.

To accomplish everything that she does, NaQuetta is often faced with challenging situations. “That work and life balance is tough. I have so many goals to reach but I also want to hang out with my daughters at Chuck E. Cheese and eat Pepperoni Pizza. I am slowly getting my business to the point where I am able to plan more self care and mommy daughter adventures with my kids, and date nights with my honey. I am also trying to include some time with friends and family,” she says.

There are some things that she loves about being a business owner as well. “I absolutely love that with being a transformation coach, I am able to run a business that aligns with my values. I am determined to constantly grow and develop clients into who they desire to be. Being self employed offers a flexible schedule, both in terms of when and where I work. One of the best things and biggest advantages of being a business owner is I can work from home, work from my office, and work from virtually any destination with a great view and a latte in my hand,” NaQuetta shares.

NaQuetta shares her life has been impacted by women of color. “I have always been surrounded by strong women such as my mother, my father, my maternal and paternal Grandmothers, my aunts, my high school business teacher, and my high school marketing teacher. These individuals led me to believe that anything I put my mind to, I can do and most importantly that if an obstacle or obstacles come my way that I could overcome them,” she says. NaQuetta finds inspiration being able to provide a good life for her daughters.

Though the journey has been interesting for NaQuetta, she has endured. There are a few things that she would change about it if she could. “I would have attended Virginia State University as soon as I graduated high school and graduated with my degree. Even though I have worked diligently to show and prove how qualified I am, most organizations don’t give me the opportunities that they give those with a degree.”

What lies in the future for NaQuetta? She plans on releasing her long awaited book early 2021. It will be a book of devotions and encouragement for women who are in transition into their next season. To learn more about the programs and services offered by NaQuetta Mitchell, please contact her directly or visit her website.

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