Nataisha Pointzes

by Terry Watson | August 6th, 2011
Nataisha Pointzes

Nataisha Pointzes (Photos by Howard Gaither)

Nataisha Pointzes is a wife, a mother, a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, a businesswoman, a counselor, a mentor and a friend. She wears many hats. She knows exactly what she wants and pursues it. What does she want? She wants to do the will of Jesus Christ; plain and simple. She is a Woman of War! She clearly understands her appointed mission – to encourage, equip and empower others to walk in boldness and confidence as they realize their true identities as children of God and to see others delivered from bondage. Her plan of action is strategic, methodical and deliberate, yet simplistic and all encompassing – to live a life seeking after Jesus Christ, serving Him wholeheartedly through a REAL relationship. Nevertheless, Pointzes has not always been as confident in herself to live the bold, right life she not only teaches but also lives. In fact, there was a time in which the life she lived and exhibited was the polar opposite.

Pointzes grew up in the projects of Bronx, NY. As a child she was subjected to the harsh realities of poverty, addiction, promiscuity, abuse and immorality on a daily basis. “I was a victim of child molestation by a family member and someone that I trusted and admired,” she says. “Being exposed to sexual abuse at an early age opened the door for many of the dysfunctional behaviors I would later exhibit in my adolescence and early adulthood.” It would only be a matter of time before she would have to begin making hard decisions; survive or die. Pointzes chose to survive, but the definition she knew had nothing to do with living. She developed a “survivor” mentality. She learned how to get the things she needed and wanted. “I was attracted to guys who drove fancy cars, had money and jewelry; this was my idea of being a “Cinderella” in the hood. They were my target to get the things I couldn’t afford; the things I needed and the things I wanted,” says Pointzes.

The more she needed and wanted, she would go to greater lengths and engage in dangerous activities. By the age of 15 she found herself using drugs, on the verge of dropping out of high school and pregnant. Her behavior and downward spiral continued until her drug habit landed her in the hospital. It wasn’t long before Pointzes hit rock bottom. Depression, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, promiscuity, rebellion and suicidal ideations began to overtake her everyday life. It was at that low point in her life that she realized she had to choose LIFE not just survival. Even though Pointzes was not raised as a child to serve God, she always knew there was a sovereign God and there had to be more to life than the pain she witnessed. It was several years later, on Palm Sunday in 1996, Pointzes chose to live her life for Christ. Through the process of time and Gods supernatural redeeming power, she began to cultivate her relationship with God. Moreover she has come to realize that living for Christ isn’t about self gratification; it is about reaching out to someone else and empowering them to become an over comer.

Consequently, after seeking the will of God for purpose and calling, the ordained minister was instructed to “go back” and impact the lives of others. In 2004, she formed Created to Conquer. The ministry seeks to not only address the spiritual and physical lives of all individuals but also offer real, tangible solutions. Pointzes believes it is not enough for Christians to encourage people when they are in despair or in need, but as followers of Christ there is a responsibility to provide the tools necessary for deliverance. “The truth is that God’s people are hurting, they are discouraged and they need to know that they are not alone and that they can overcome,” she says. “Created to Conquer has a driven mission to empower, inspire and equip others by providing biblical strategies so they may receive healing in order to experience the abundant life that God pre-ordained for them to live.”

Created to Conquer was conceived through Pointzes own experiences of pain, suffering, temptation and failure in life. She whole-heartedly believes the reason she can relate to individuals going through the trials of life is because she has experienced some of the very same issues. “The word of God tells us that all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord and have been called according to His purpose,” she says. “Naturally, when I was in the thick of my battles I could not see this, but now it’s clear that God had His hand upon my life all the time. The key to my calling was that God strategically allowed me to go through the fire, without getting consumed. My life experiences have given me the ability to relate to others and to testify of God’s love and faithfulness.” It is obvious that Pointzes has a burning passion to help all people. Her drive and sincere desire to see others delivered is evident in her tireless and relentless determination to reach anyone that is hurting or in need. Throughout the community she serves as a mentor and case manager.

As a certified mental health and substance abuse counselor, Pointzes is also able to provide immediate assistance for individuals in need of psychological and substance abuse counseling. Intuitively, she combines her personal life experiences, secular education-she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling, substance abuse and mental health counseling certifications-Christian education through theological training and Godly wisdom to effectively reach out to all types of individuals. Perhaps one of the most effective avenues for Pointzes to reach out to people, women in particular, has been Created to Conquer’s annual Women of War conference. In its third year, the conference is a gathering of women that have purposed to come in agreement and stand for families, generations, the government and their purpose. Since the creation of Created to Conquer Pointzes has admitted there have been obstacles and hurdles along the way. She has experienced lack of support and acceptance, cynicism, and even prejudice toward women in ministry.

Nevertheless, she has been able to view those valley experiences as simply character building exercises that helped strengthen her faith along the journey. In fact, Pointzes has been fueled to be and do more for God and his people. She believes she must do more and press forward because someone’s life is dependent upon her obedience to the will of God. “I’ve made the choice to be the change that I want to see. I have zero tolerance for foolishness,” she says. “I have made a commitment to myself that there is no battle, no situation, and no circumstance that will cause me to miss out on what God has called me to. I have come this far by faith and I plan to continue to pursue, overtake and recover all.

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