Natalie Sullivan

by Terry Watson | September 13th, 2018
Natalie Sullivan (Photos by Apollo Wonex)

Natalie Sullivan (Photos by Apollo Wonex)

Who is Natalie Sullivan? If you let her tell it she would most likely describe herself as someone who is colorful and creative and someone who loves to live life outside the box. She is a native of Greenville, SC and graduated from ECPI University in 2007 with an Associate of Science degree in Medical Administration. Besides being a full-time mom, Natalie works as a natural hair care enthusiast, natural hair stylist and organic hair care formulator. She has also found the time to launch her very own line of hair care products, Sisterly Luv.

“Sisterly Luv” is a brand that’s dedicated to formulating healthy hair treatments to women and men based upon specific hair care analysis. We’re not just a brand, we are also a movement that’s predicated upon teaching and celebrating the uniqueness of natural hair and it’s beauty,” she says. Natalie began her natural hair journey when she decided to step out on faith and quit her job and give her passion a sure shot. “At the time when I started styling hair there was little or even no products that were available. Many of the products that I tried didn’t quite do what I needed for myself or my clients. After diligent research along with many series of trial and error, my sister and I formulated a product that worked,” she says. “As a hairstylist you always have to be creative and also innovative. I often study pictures on different social sites such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook of other stylist and hair styles. They inspire me and allow me to keep up with the latest trends. My greatest inspiration happens when I step away from the chair and completely immerse myself in nature. Being totally present in each moment allows my imagination to be free,”Natalie says.

Natalie offers Natural Hair Care products that help restore and nourish hair with the assistance of moisture rich ingredients that are infused with botanicals and oils that are essential for sustaining and achieving complete natural hair. According to Natalie, her products make it easier to maneuver within the body of hair with minimal breakage. This is also possible because of the anti friction agent in her products that help to contain slippage. “Our products is that they can be used on all types of curly hair textures. Most people who desire to have a natural hair composition are quite frustrated with how to care it. Our team of natural hair care specialist helps to style, treat and manage anyone,” she says.

When asked what she loves most about being an entrepreneur, without hesitation Natalie says its the flexibility. “Success is different for everyone; everyone defines it in their own way and that’s I believe it is important to stay in tune with myself. My career gives me the ability to be able to spend more time with my son. It also gives me an outlet to express my creativity or come up with new ideas to see how they can make my business better and also touch lives, in my own way, within my community,” she says. “It’s easy to get side tracked and just go throughout our lives without being grateful for what is right now.”

Moving forward Natalie plans to expand her Sisterly Luv product line into larger cities and eventually end up in stores and allow others to enjoy them and also benefit from the wonderful results they produce. Contact Natalie Sullivan to learn more about her products and services that are tailor made for the individual who desires a healthy and natural hair experience.

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