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by Terry Watson | December 20th, 2017

Reggie Parker and NBN Sports participants (Photo by Reggie Parker)

NBN (Nothing But Net) Sports Inc. is a non-profit organization that was established as a result of the ever-growing need in the city of Durham for positive reinforcement in our youth. The primary focus of this organization is to create an outlet for children and teens by developing a variety of programs that support and encourage positive growth. Through various sports, mentoring, education, and wellness programs, NBN Sports Inc. aims to reduce gang activity, promote education and financial literacy, lower childhood obesity rates, and encourage healthy lifestyles by taking an active role in the individual lives of children throughout the area.

NBN Sports began in 2006, when founder Reggie Parker went to visit his mom, who was a principal at a local elementary school. While waiting, he noticed a boy with a basketball in the office. Excited to see the kid’s enthusiasm, Parker struck up a conversation with the boy, inquiring about what basketball camp he was going to attend that summer. “I’m not going to any basketball camps this summer. My mom can’t afford it,” Parker recalls the young boy saying. Those two sentences alone were the sole motivation behind NBN Sports.

Parker is a native of Durham, NC. He combines a unique combination of a player/coaching acumen and professional business leadership. Having worked over 25 years in RTP, NC, at the likes of companies such as Xerox, Glaxo, Cisco Systems, and Bayer. While there, he began to hone in on his business leadership skills. He started his playing days as early on as Elementary School to High School and on to College. Following his playing days, Coach Parker turned his attention to youth sports. That is where he discovered a passion for teaching kids and developing their skills for the game of basketball. He has always had a commitment to the kids and to winning in life. He has personally sacrificed for the greater good of the young people whose paths he crossed.

Mr. Parker founded NBN Basketball in 2006, which led to the opening of NBN SPORTS in 2014, a dedicated basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, and field hockey facility for the youth of Durham-Raleigh and Chapel Hill area. NBN Sports conducts camps and clinics annually for 750 youth players, training programs for 100 athletes, and facilitates AAU competitive experiences for an excess of 25 to 30 teams a year.

NBN’s highly trained coaches and instructors offer specialized programs designed for kids at all levels, helping each individual achieve their athletic and educational goals. NBN Sports hosts a variety of basketball camps and clinics, personal and group training sessions, AAU programs, basketball leagues, and cheer and dance clinics. A program called NBNU, was developed and designed especially to support students academically by preparing them with the skill-sets necessary to achieve their educational and career goals.

Without the support of many loyal and dedicated donors, NBN SPORTS would not be here today. Parker realizes every day that it is his responsibility to build a legacy in Durham and surrounding areas for youth and adults to continue and carry on. Moving forward, Parker hopes to expand NBN Sports into a larger facility, and be able to accommodate more kids for all of its programs.

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