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by Terry Watson | January 8th, 2012
Sorena Hayes

Sorena Hayes (Photo by Howard Gaither)

In January 2011, the global giant American Express surprisingly, announced plans to downsize. The plan included closing the Greensboro location. The all-too-common corporate maneuver wasn’t something Sorena Hayes hadn’t heard before, but this time she was personally affected. After devoting nearly 16 years to the company she found herself without a job, or so she thought.

The job loss simply provided the perfect storm for her to completely pursue her love of exercise and healthy living. “It was the perfect time for me to focus more on personal training,” says Hayes. “For several years I have helped others with fitness training and weight loss, which I am very passionate about. So I made it official and became a certified personal trainer and started my own business, New Leaf Fitness 4 Life.”

It’s not at all surprising that Hayes has such an interest in physical fitness. The Eden, North Carolina native admits she grew up in a very active household. Someone was always playing football, basketball, soccer and even golf. The majority of the women in her family were cheerleaders, majorettes, and dancers. A 1990 graduate of Dudley High School and 1994 graduate of Shaw University, Hayes was an active cheerleader as well as various other activities.

She made it a priority to continue the family legacy with her own daughter. She says it was nothing for her young daughter to accompany Hayes brother, very active also, on daily jogs. Those lessons she instilled in her daughter at a young age are manifested today. Her daughter is now eighteen shares Hayes belief in the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Nevertheless, Hayes says her family was active and fit but many were still dependent upon various medications to control issues such as high blood pressure. Hayes admits she was even placed on blood pressure pills by her doctor, but she refused to sit back and allow herself to be controlled by a daily dose of medication. It was also during this time that Hayes’ mother was diagnosed with cancer that further encouraged her to “break the generational curse” and pull herself off the blood pressure medication and encourage others to tap into the natural healing effects of healthy living and wellness.

After paying even more attention to exercise, weight loss and healthy eating, Hayes was only on blood pressure pills for two weeks. She says her mother also adopted the principles that she teaches and is “living proof that exercising and being more alert about your health and eating habits promises you a longer life.”

It’s all about turning over a new leaf, which, by the way, is the basis for the business name. Although Hayes has been giving workout advice to others for three years, she took the next step and became a certified trainer in July 2011. The moment a client begins working with Hayes she takes an initial assessment of the individual. It’s very important, she says, because no one person is alike and requires an individualized plan of action. The assessment and questionnaire include different physical fitness tests as well as a statement of medical clearance to begin a regimen.

Hayes and New Leaf Fitness 4 Life offer all of the latest in physical fitness techniques and services as well as extremely affordable rates-rates far below the average cost of a personal trainer. Her fees are in no way indicative of poor competency. She just doesn’t want anyone to have any excuse, especially financial, for not taking the necessary steps to control their health. She says, “Often, our people don’t see the value in paying for a personal trainer. My rates are so affordable there is no excuse for anyone not to get fit and stay fit. My motto is, don’t let fitness just be an option; make it a priority for life.”

Hayes offers extended 45 minute sessions of custom-tailored activities for only $20. Most trainers offer only half hour sessions at higher prices. Among other services and exercise methods, intensive mobile boot camps (great for corporations, churches, school staff and sports teams), one on one training, couple training (designed to build stronger physical and emotional relationships), buddy training (for those who need a friend for motivation) and Zumba classes, which Hayes is licensed to teach, are offered.

As much as Hayes encourages people to solicit the help of a professional trainer, she believes that everyone can take small steps towards having a healthier body and living a healthier life. She says often it’s what people do that hinders their health verses what they don’t do. Hayes says people try to diet rather than use self-control and monitor portion sizes. “If I eat fast food, which I rarely do,” she says, “I order the kids meal.” All-in-all there are various do’s and don’ts, but Hayes is there to reassure and teach her clients throughout the process.

Hayes has clients in every age range. In fact, her oldest client is 80 years old. She says it’s important for people to realize there are exercise programs for everyone regardless of fitness level or age. Which is exactly why she believes it is vitally important to reach the youth and teach them to be responsible and concerned about their health. She’s so concerned about today’s youth and the ever-increasing diagnosis of juvenile diabetes that she has been asked to partner with several schools and civic organizations to maintain physical fitness classes and programs. If kids are taught to value their health, she says, they will grow to be adults who value health.

What’s on the horizon for Sorena Hayes and New Leaf Fitness 4 Life? She is simply excited about the opportunity to welcome people to the great, stress-free life that exercise and healthy living can provide. She is postured to do whatever it takes to encourage others to get fit. She encourages individuals to visit her at her studio located 620 South Elm Street, Suite #358 in Greensboro.

“The boot camp is hard work but has paid off significantly to my health and fitness goals. At my age, I thought it would be too much of a challenge but this camp is for everyone and every age. This my second time around participating in THE BURN BOOT CAMP and it is still hard, but challenging and fun. You meet people who share the same goals and challenges. So if you are not meeting your goals and are not having a challenging but fun workout, then you need to try Sorena’s boot camp!! IT WORKS!!!” – Evelyn 52

“The Burn Boot Camp is a life saver! I have never felt so energized and encouraged to change my health and fitness lifestyle. During my first week and half of camp I lost 4.5 pounds!! Hard work and motivation pays off!! Thank you so much Sorena!”` – Jazmine 25
I have set out to make a lifestyle change by becoming physically fit in addition to improving my health wellness. Within the recent weeks I have experienced a boost of vitality that inspires me to work vigorously to achieve my personal goals. I have lost almost 3lbs within one week thanks to the helpful dedication of Ms. Sorena Hayes and I know there’s more to come. These classes will benefit the young, the older, the weight challenged as well as the fit. Every day is a struggle but with hard work and consistency you will accomplish what you thought was the impossible. – Courtney 31

Let me share with you my special story of how exercise, nutrition, and determination changed my life from limitations of weakness, joints and muscle aches and reduced stamina. My exercise routine includes a training program, developed by personal trainer Sorena Hayes, which includes weights, cardio, and swimming. My nutrition program includes drinking juices, which I make, from natural fruits and vegetables that help me to maintain a proper diet. As women, we have a tendency to use most of our energy to provide and care for others. Consequently, this leaves us with little energy to provide for ourselves. It was through determination and perseverance to have a healthier lifestyle that I made the choice to make my health a TOP priority! I am blessed and happy to say that I am 65 years old! I have lost 35 lbs. and I DO NOT take any prescription drugs! – Peggy 65

“I’ve been working out about eight years off and on. After only one and a half years of working out I lost about 100 lbs, needless to say a couple years later I gained 15-20 lbs back. Every since losing the original weight it’s been difficult to loose and maintain a healthy weight. I’ve tried many different crash diets/diet plans, increase my water intake and different workout routines nothing really seem to be able to give me that extra push that I needed to stay focused. When I got word of “The Burn Boot Camp” at first I was thinking, “I have to be in wonderful shape to do any boot camp.” After inquiring and getting more information about “The Burn Boot Camp,” I set completing the camp as one of my weight loss goals. “The Burn Boot Camp” is very challenging yet fulfilling. The campers and I are of all different body frames, fitness levels and ages. The campers and trainer encourage me to push myself to the limits. After only 4 classes I can see my body changing, mentally and physically. After the completion of the camp I will be looking for another boot camp that’s instructed by Sorena. I’ll be encouraging more of my friends to join me on my weight loss journey. Deciding to do “The Burn Boot Camp” was the best decision that I could have ever made as far as my weight lost goals go.” Thanks Sorena for all that you do! – Andrea 33

Joined Sorena at “The Burn Boot Camp” today, and I have to give credit where credit’s due, she handled her business. I was extremely impressed and I’m the dude that’ll train a trainer and I thought that it was going to be some little “soft” type of workout, but I was dead wrong. I ended up getting a full body workout and she kept it fun, but yet challenging the whole time, and OH Yeah I felt the “BURN.” I’m looking forward to the next one. Fellas, if u wanna get right, I advise ya’ll to hurry up and join in next week, (after eating all that Thanksgiving food). Don’t be scared!” – Malik 42

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