New Man on Campus

by Terry Watson | January 10th, 2013

Coach Brian Seagraves (Photo by Harris Photography)

There is a new, yet familiar face on the sidelines at James B. Dudley High School this year. Panther alumnus, former assistant coach and former basketball player, Brian Seagraves takes the helm and with great expectations.

Seagraves coached at the “Great” James B. Dudley High School for 14 years and during his tenure there, he progressed from being an assistant coach to the number one assistant coach position. He received his first head coaching job at Andrews High School in High Point, N.C. While at Andrews, he completed a 20-7 season. In that same year when Coach David Price decided to retire from Dudley, Seagraves says he seized the opportunity to return home. “I applied for the position and fortunately was hired and it feels good to be back at home.”

Seagraves played basketball at Dudley High School for former Coach Steve Hankins. Under Hankins tutelage he was ranked as one of the top players in the state of North Carolina. While in high school, he amassed several awards including State Player of the Year, All Guilford Player of the Year and was selected to the All-State Team. He also played in the East/West All Star game. After leaving Dudley, he played basketball while attending North Carolina A&T State University. While at A&T, he was awarded the Rookie of the Week title two times and was selected to be on the All-Rookie Team.

Seagraves says he decided to coach because of Coach Price. Regarded as someone he respects and looked up to, Coach Price also persuaded him to pursue a career in education. “He convinced me to get my certification in physical education and to become an instructor. He also convinced me to apply for the head coaching position at Dudley High School,” says Seagraves. He applied and was offered the job, and he accepted to come back to his roots and make a difference just as his mentor, Coach Price did in his life.

Seagraves is regarded as someone who is passionate about the game of basketball. He believes that hard work and dedication makes you a better coach. He says that he is a family man that loves his wife and children. He has a passion for young people and believes it is important to be instrumental in changing their lives.

What he loves most about coaching is that I make a difference in the lives of young people, specifically young men. “Coaches are instrumental in shaping and forming character, as well as work ethics in young men. We are able to use the skills acquired in sports such as hard work, dedication, fortitude, teamwork, and sportsmanship and apply it to real life situations. Not only do coaches teach players how to play the game. We teach them to be successful in life,” he says.

Seagraves says he would like to be known as someone who genuinely cares for children and the community. He also aspires to coach on the collegiate level one day. Seagraves says he is inspired by his wife Samantha, his mother Patricia Seagraves, and Coach David Price, all of which have influenced and impacted his life the most. “These people pushed me everyday to be my best I could possibly be and gave correction when I needed it. They have listened, advised, and stood by me through whatever I was experiencing-good and bad,” he says.

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