Next Generation Academy

by Tonya Dixon | May 10th, 2014
Vista King and students of Next Generation Academy

Vista King and students at Next Generation Academy
(Photos by Mykel Media Company)

Next Generation Academy, After School and summer Program began in 2008 with 45-50 students–an astounding feat for a brand new program. Vista King has been the program director from the very beginning.

Initially the program started as just a summer camp, focusing on grade level retention and growth. King and school advisors recognized the need for students to continue to stimulate their minds throughout the summer, and be prepared for the upcoming school year. The program has consistently grown over the years to include a year-round pre-K program and after school program in addition to the summer camp. Consequently, enrollment has increased to nearly the point of wait listing.

Students and parents are given a weekly schedule of daily activities and instruction. Every aspect of every day is completely accounted for. It’s something that parents really appreciate and it gives the kids a sense of discipline and structure. King makes it very clear that Next Generation is NOT a babysitting service. Students from ages 3-16 years are stimulated and taught through fun and educational activities and are required to participate.

The programming is so extensive it would be impossible to include it all, but students are sure to enjoy regular access to:

  • Leadership and character building exercises
  • Onsite tutoring and specialists (speech, reading, etc.)
  • Hands-on life lessons from professionals
  • Exposure to various cultures, including the popular, “Trip Around the Word” where students learn of different countries then visit corresponding restaurants
  • Various classes such as sewing (age appropriate), etiquette & karate (self-defense)
  • Educational day trips such as the public library (where students are encouraged to get their own library card (with parental permission); museums, and any other places of historical significance and educational value
  • Fun day trips including skating, swimming, movie theaters, zoos and all things FUN
  • Health awareness and healthy eating habits (including the new age appropriate boot camp)
  • Visiting the court house to see a real trial
  • And even service learning projects with organizations such as The Ronald McDonald House

Students are always excited to discover what each and every day holds because learning is made fun. The school uses every possible creative avenue to reach every child. Completely licensed and certified, Next Generation prides itself on the fact that it employs only compassionate individuals who personify Godly principles and morals. All staff members are appropriately educated and trained. The school accepts special needs and handicap children depending upon the scope of the need and accepts vouchers from the North Carolina Department of Social Services and other social agencies.

From the time the first child arrives for breakfast until the last one leaves for the day Next Generation is committed to making sure students flourish and excel.

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