Nichelle Taylor of Greensboro, NC Wants To Decorate Your Home

by Terry Watson | November 14th, 2018
Nichelle Taylor (Photos by JLG Photography)

Nichelle Taylor (Photos by JLG Photography)

Nichelle Taylor describes herself as a person who loves to make others happy. Besides being a friend, a dedicated wife, mother, sister, and daughter, she is also a loving, caring, ambitious, outgoing, and true people’s person. She has also found time to feed her entrepreneurial appetite as an Interior Decorator.

The name of her business is A Taylors Touch Interior Decorating. In addition to interior decorating (the art of adding furniture, paint, and décor to bring an interior space alive) she also offers Home Staging (decorating a home to be sold for top pay), Home Décor (refinishing/refurbishing old furniture and bringing it back to its original state or something new. She also offers consultations and assistance to anyone needing help with decorating.

Watching fixer upper shows on HGTV is something Nichelle has a liking for. “I have always wanted to be an interior decorator. My interior decorating journey began shortly after the birth of my daughter in 2014. In 2015, I began taking an online course with Stratford Career institute and later received my diploma and earned a highest honors certificate on November 7th, 2016. My business became official on April 5th, 2016, and I began doing projects and eventually had a grand opening staging of my home on April 8th, 2017,” she says.

Nichelle says she loves everything about interior decorating, whether it’s painting, shopping for furniture and décor, or even nailing a hole in the wall. However, the one thing she loves the most is the feedback she received from family and friends and on social media. Though she has only had two clients thus far, she’s encouraged by joy and elation of her clients after they see the transformation of their space. “It gives me a sense of accomplishment,” she says.

A Taylors Touch Interior Decorating didn’t just happen overnight. Nichelle has benefited from a support system that has helped to steer her in the right direction. “My aunt Rhonda has been a huge impact on my life. She helped me come up with my business plans and gave me advice on where to start. My mother has been a so important in the process as well. She constantly reminds me to never give up,” she expresses. Nichelle is also inspired by the impact her business is having on her daughter. The experience is fresh and new to her Nichelle says, and watching her daughter grow into her own, encourages her to continue following her dreams. “She inspires me to be proud of myself. I didn’t take decorating seriously until after I had my daughter. Now, I want to teach her to never give up and do whatever she loves and makes her happy, no matter what.”

Nichelle has also faced a few challenges in her business. Some have been with keeping up with the new styles and the different trends. They seem to change every season. There is also a sense of competition amongst other decorators and between well-established Interior design businesses. “The bar has been set pretty high but even though I am fairly new, I recognize I have a lot more work to do to prove that I can roll with the best and stand out,” she says.

Moving forward, Nichelle plans to continue to master her craft and show the world her talents. She also plans to add style and personality to every decorating project she works with. “I have been fortunate to have had a good life and have the courage to continue living my life the way I feel God intended for me. I met my husband, got married, had a daughter. I can’t complain. I am very thankful and grateful the opportunities I have been given and I hope to continue on my journey, being successful and happy, and doing what I love,” she says

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