Nikki Barkley

by Terry Watson | July 17th, 2019
Nikki Barkley

Nikki Barkley

For those looking for a way to put an exclamation point on their summer vacation, the End of the Summer Music Festival that is taking place on September 8th, 2019 is a great way to do so.

Now celebrating its 5th Year Anniversary, founder Nikki Barkley shares the event began with an idea she played around with for a while. “I eventually shared my vision with a few other individuals who I knew would be able to assist and lend their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields,” she says.

Barkley has a natural heart for helping others. She is a mother, caregiver, friend, confidante, and entrepreneur/owner of four businesses, Business Services Unlimited (Tax Preparation, Tax Debt Resolution and Administrative Services), Afrotistic (Customized Apparel and Gifts), Independent NC Certified Peer Support Specialist, and the founder of Opening Doors Together, a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides homeless youth and youth at risk of being homeless with the necessary services and resources needed to make a successful transition to self-sufficient living. Furthermore, she is a social conscious woman who is driven to serve the needs of her community.

“I’m very empathetic because I understand how it feels to go through difficult situations. I’ve always had a giving heart. It has been a blessing and a curse as there are those who take advantage of your kindness and giving spirit. I’ve never wanted accolades for what I’ve done or will do. Instead I graciously stand behind the scenes and work to ensure the goal is met. My goal is to add value to another’s life and to help others see the potential that they may not see in themselves,” she said.

There are two key purposes behind the End of the Summer Music Festival. One is to create and sponsor an event that is family friendly and can bring the community together in a loving, uplifting, and safe environment. Secondly, its purpose is to have the ability to utilize the proceeds from the festival and other fundraising events to keep the nonprofit event funded and assist those in need, whether it be an individual, group, or organization.

There is always a purpose for the event Barkley shares. “The first year of the event, we were able to assist someone with the cost of two prosthetic legs. The second year, we awarded five college students with scholarships, and in the third year a donation was made to a non-profit organization that assist individuals who have dealt with or are experiencing domestic violence situations. In our fourth year, we assisted the daughter of a close friend who passed away due to cancer. The proceeds were used to purchase items for her dorm room as well as other necessities. This year some of the proceeds will go the ‘My Heart My Breast Foundation for Breast Cancer Survivors’”.

Over the last four years, the End of the Summer Music Festival has presented various musical talents including Sybil Lynch, Johnnie Hudson, 3 Staxxx, Soultrii, Evin Gibson, Covacus, The Ladies of J.A.M, Sweet Dreams, The Untitled Band, Herbin Saint, Versatyle, Raven Hooker, and the O.P.S. Band, just to name a few. The lineup for this year will not disappoint as well. The performers are The Untitled Band, Something for The People, Herbin Saint, Tanya Ross, Tre Jae, and Raine Torae. It will be hosted by Comedienne Simplinet and Cory Jones.

Barkley plans to continue organizing and sponsoring the End of the Summer Music Festival. She also wants to thank everyone who has attended any of the previous ones. “We hope that everyone will take the opportunity to come out and support the events Opening Doors Together hosts in the future,” she says.
The opportunity to support can be done by donating directly to Opening Doors Together. Donors will be provided with a tax-deductible receipt.

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