Nita Washington

by Terry Watson | July 18th, 2019
Nita Washington

Nita Washington

Nita Washington of Spartanburg is a true definition of a survivor. She is an author, advocate for the prevention of domestic violence, and has launched her very own line of self-defense products. She also produces her own radio show, No More Tears, that airs every Wednesday at 8:00pm.

As an author, wife and mother, she has chosen to use her writing platform to reach others who may face many of the things she has in life. She is the author of ‘No More Tears, a book that shares the story of how she was victimized by domestic violence. “I write about incidents in my life that have a molded me into the person I am today,” she shares. “My stories come from the heart, from situations I survived, and the lessons I’ve learned from. I write to help others overcome by letting them know that I made it and they can too as well.”

“I am inspired mostly by my family, my husband, my children and my godson. I started writing after going through a lot of trials in her life. She shares how she had to learn to trust and know who God really was in her life. She was once given two weeks to live and had to rely solely on her faith in God during the experience. “God stepped in and gave me back everything that the devil tried to steal from me. I’m here to tell everyone that what Satan tried to do, didn’t work,” she says.

Nita says that her life experiences have pushed her to do many things with her life, which she hopes will impact the lives of others. She was once a victim of domestic violence which I write about in my book ‘No More Tears’. “That experience brought me from a time of pain and suffering to a strength I never knew I had. Reluctantly, I had to experience that same senseless act with the loss of my cousin to domestic violence,” she says. She has started a movement “Misha’s Movement” to educate others about domestic violence and states that It is her hope that other will be empowered to seek help.

Moving forward, Nita plants to continue to push for victory for others who may be dealing with domestic violence. She also plans to write another book and continue to share her story. “I want to build a bigger platform and reach the world and be a voice for others through speaking and doing whatever I can to help other make it through difficult situations,” she says. “Life isn’t always perfect, but I wouldn’t change anything about my life because my experiences have made me strong and made me who I am today,” she says.

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