No More Trayvon

Portia Shipman | March 13th, 2014

trayvon_martinA 14-year old boy was kidnapped and lynched on April 28, 1955. A 17-year old boy was pursued and shot on February 26, 2012. Emmett Till walked to Bryant’s Grocery and Meat Market in the Delta of Mississippi, to buy treats. Trayvon Martin walked to the local 7-Eleven, in Sanford, FL, to purchase an Arizona drink and bag of skittles.

The Sherri Denese Jackson Foundation for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Inc.(SDJF) stands its ground against the verdict that allowed for the death of Trayvon Martin to prove unjust. SDJF is a North Carolina based non-profit organization, rooted in Greensboro. The mission of SDJF is to prevent and stop domestic violence, by bringing awareness to the community, specifically how it affects children, teenagers, and young adults. The organization has solidified its efforts by starting a new program, No More Trayvon.

No More Trayvon is a year-long after school /summer enrichment program, for males ages 11-17. The scope of No More Trayvon is to educate and empower male minority youth by providing them with the tools they need to reclaim their identity and create a more positive and inclusive society.

Trayvon Martin’s denial of manhood forced his dreams, goals, abilities and opportunities to remain unfulfilled while also leaving a legacy of possibility. No More Trayvon will serve as the marking ground for its participants, as they transition from adolescents into adulthood. Because of the often misleading images that society and media employs to define “The Black Man”, No More Trayvon will afford its participants with the tools they need to manifest the creation for their own criterion of what it means to be a Man of Color. By bringing awareness to social and civil rights, leadership and career development, and community involvement
NMT will provide possibility. No More Trayvon will challenge its participants to examine the social repetitions through the experiences of historical figures like Emmett Till as a way to ensure that in the next 50 years we aren’t mourning the death of another Trayvon Martin. No More Trayvon is currently looking for inquisitive, talented, and bold participants and mentors for the 2014-2015 program year.

Applications are available online at For more questions feel free to contact Program Coordinator/Facilitator Kyriah D. Shannon at 314-303-5015 or via email at or Executive Director Portia Shipman at 336-510-9292.

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