Life is Trial and Error

by Terry Watson | August 5th, 2011
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson - Editor

There are risks involved with everything that we do in life. A vision can not be completed unless an effort is made to do so. We can set goals and work tirelessly to meet them, but knowing our purpose for doing something, ultimately determines if we will succeed or fail.

Experience is such a great teacher. Just as babies fall down in their plight to learn how to walk, their next step promises something new and reminds them of previous mistakes. The reminders of these and similar lessons will last a life time. Ignoring the red flags doesn’t prevent a repeated performance, but can almost guarantee it. Unfortunately, some of the falls can hurt more than others, but these words remain true; only the strong survive.

As a business owner, I am responsible for developing plans and products that will appeal to my customers and also benefit my company. The writing isn’t always written on the wall and to be triumph requires me to look beyond what is in front of me. I have learned that having faith in my dreams and being faithful doesn’t mean to be stupid.

I have learned that not everything works. Being ambitious and aspiring to do something are two elements that encourages the process of trial. God wants to pull us from complacency and explore new opportunities. Surely, everything will not go as planned but what is important is that we learn from the experiences, both good and bad. An error doesn’t necessarily mean that we have failed. It proves there is a better way to accomplish our goals.

Life is merely trial and error. Until our final day is among us, we will continue to seek answers and solutions for our problems. We must continue to dream, plan, act and learn from God has asked us all to do. Failure isn’t an option to those who make winning a priority.

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