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by Terry Watson | May 10th, 2014
Carmen Chatten (Photo by Howard Gaither

Carmen Chatten (Photo by Howard Gaither)

Carmen Chatten hails from South Boston Virginia. A true Virginian by heart, also living in Alexandria, she has gradually navigated to North Carolina and established herself as a promising health and wellness expert. She has a passion for serving and helping others, and her business Of Skin and Wellness provides an outlet to do so.

Chatten attended Danville Community College in Danville, VA and successfully completed their Practical Nurse Program. Later she graduated from North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Next she received a Masters of Science in Nursing from Winston Salem State University.

In the infancy stages of her career she served as a Registered Nurse with various hospitals and medical care providers in North Carolina. Most notably that list includes the Moses Cone Health System. . She later served as a Family Nurse Practitioner with Ideal Image in Charlotte, NC, Family Urgent and Family Care in Greensboro before opening her own practice, Of Skin and Wellness in April of 2013, where she also serves as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Of Skin and Wellness offers a laid back office environment. Chatten says she purposely chose a design that did not feel like a traditional medical office but much similar to a spa or salon environment. “I think it is less intimidating and allows individuals to relax and helps make health care not feel like a chore,” she says. Her typical clients are individuals who are in their mid to late twenties and early thirties. She says she would like to corner the market on younger clientele at least for preventative practice, stating that if simple measures would begin early in life, many people would not have to work so hard to erase or fix problems later.

She credits her mother for planting a seed at a very young age about the importance of maintaining healthy skin. “Drink plenty of water, apply lotion when you get out of the shower,” Chatten explains. Over the years her skin care regimen evolved and she began to become passionate about it when some of her friends started asking for advice on skin care. Chatten says she realized that most individuals did not know the basics.

“This business idea has been in my head since my mid twenties. I remember every so often during those years creating a rudimentary business plan based on my experiences with products, services and my experience as a nurse. I would purposely try and test different products and services on myself to see which worked the best,” she says. Of Skin and Wellness Center is similar to a medispa, says Chatten.

The only difference is that owned and managed by a nurse practitioner. Her business centered around skin. It initially evolved from basic skin care and health education, as well as related practices. Her practice now offers an array of cosmetic interventions, beauty services and products, and medical evaluations focused on wellness to assist individuals who wish to obtain and maintain healthy radiant skin.

Some of the products offered by Of Skin and Wellness include PCA Skin-Dermatology, a skin care line which has been tested through clinical trials. “The fact that clinical trials were conducted was important to me because I did not want products in my office that I could not stand behind with clinical data,” says Chatten. This skin care line also offers wonderful in office products that can provide skin resurfacing treatments to assist in common skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and aging skin. . Other products include GloMinerals, a mineral based makeup line that is only sold by health care professionals. Chatten says it was chosen because it is approved and safe to use after receiving a chemical peel, laser therapy treatment or other invasive medical procedures.

Chatten says she loves owning and operating her business because she is able to not only offer skin care advice, but is also able to address other medical concerns because of her extensive background in various medical disciplines. “I feel fortunate that I am able to empower individuals through education in regards to their health whether it is skin care and wellness or if it is something as simple as a hangnail,” she says.

She is inspired by the acts of God in her life. She admits that she was once inspired by family members, instructors and close friends but now feels like she has reached the self actualization portion of her development. “I typically look to others on ideas of what to do next not necessarily as motivators to be better,” she says.

Summer Skin Care Tips

As the warmer months approach, more people are generally concerned about their outward appearance. One of the most verbalized concerns is problems with dark spots on the face also called hyperpigmentation. Below are some suggested tips.

The Problem:
Hyperpigmentation is abnormal darkening of the skin. This can either be a spot or patchy areas depending on the cause. It occurs as a result of inflammation that is most commonly triggered by acne or hormone fluctuations and then further worsened by sun exposure. Darker skin types are more susceptible to hyperpigmentation than others.
Preventative Measures: Don’t lie in the sun! Sunbathing causes further injury to your skin causing dark spots to become darker. Use of a sunscreen formulated for your face with an SPF of 30 or higher should be applied daily regardless if you are just running out to the store for milk. Don’t forget that you may need to reapply sunscreen if you sweat or if you are outdoors for some time. Recommended products – Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF 30, Stila Sheer Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 or Clarins UV Plus Day Screen SPF 40.
Skin Care Treatments: In office treatments by a licensed professional is necessary to combat damage already done by the sun. One of the best in office treatments to invest in is a chemical peel. Chemical peels take 30-45 minutes to complete and offers a safe effective measure to lighten dark spots. It usually takes a total of 3-4 treatments and can make a tremendous difference in your skin and skin texture.
Recommended – PCA’s Sensi Peel, a superficial peel that is safe to use on all skin types and safe to use in the warmer months.
Are your feet sandal ready? Typically when we think of wearing sandals we opt for a pedicure that can be performed at nail salons on every corner. But what happens when your feet are callused and a normal pedicure is not doing the job. Most individuals opt for home exfoliation with a pumice stone that usually takes quite a bit of time and effort to make a difference. What if there was a way to smoothen your feet without all the hassle?

The Problem:
Calluses are areas of toughed skin that typically becomes thick and hard as a direct result of repetitive friction, pressure or irritation. Calluses are formed by the accumulation of dead skin cells called keratinocytes that rest on the skin surface. Sometimes a callus may occur as a result of underlying skin disorder or systemic disease.
Preventative Measures: Exfoliate and moisturize your feet daily. Pumice stones and/or the Pedi Egg should be used after showering and then followed with an emollient rich moisturizer. Since tough hardened skin is easier to prevent than treat, simple measures to use at home should include minimizing rubbing, avoid being barefoot and invest in supportive well fitting foot wear. Individuals with poor circulation or who have a known history of diabetes should seek advice from a health care professional before initiating any foot routine to rule out potential for complications.
Recommended products – Amlactin Foot Cream, Badger Balm, Clarisonic Pedi Device
Skin Care Treatments: PCA’s Smoothing Body Peel is an in office treatment that is performed for callused hardened feet. This peel is excellent not only for the feet but may also be used on other dry, hardened skin surfaces. It provides nourishing ingredients that soften, hydrate and improves the appearance of the skin. It is safe to use on all skin types and takes about 30 minutes to complete. This peel can be used instead of a foot scrub monthly or in addition to a foot scrub.

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