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Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | July 17th, 2019
Anthony and Demetra (Photos by Lechele Trent Jackson)

Anthony and Demetra (Photos by Lechele Trent Jackson)

Most parents believe it’s their job to assist their child in achieving anything they have ever dreamed of. They motivate them and often give them boosts of confidence needed to take necessary steps forward. But when the child motivates the parent to do the same thing, it’s undeniably transforming.

Anthony ‘Tony’ Brewer experienced this firsthand, after years of contemplating starting his own business, but wasn’t sure where to begin. His own son, wife, and a business owner were instrumental in the creation of Omega Security Solutions, LLC. Of course, the Almighty orchestrated the feat and Anthony hasn’t looked back since.

The veteran’s connection to securing the safety of others dates back decades when he served six years in the U.S. Army as a combat nurse. When the time was right, he ended his military career but continued nursing as a civilian. Eventually he was ready to embark on other ideas and decided to go to barber school. From there, he owned and operated his own barbershop until he was ready to move on to something else.

“Someone mentioned that a school was hiring for security and so I was a security officer for the school system for eight or nine years,” Tony explains. But in 2001, his life took a turn that led him down a dark path. Drug use consumed him, and he found himself in a recovery facility in Atlanta, GA. Tony spent the next two years reclaiming his life. Since then, he’s made the decision to not allow previous mistakes to define the direction of his journey.

Once he found his way back to Richmond, VA, his security roles ensued, and he continued to make strides with his recovery. He even yielded to the call he’s been running from since the age of 18 – to serve as one of God’s messengers. “I always felt like preachers were stuck up and had no life. But I realized that’s not true, “says Tony. In 2010 he received his preaching license, and by 2014, Tony had graduated with a master’s degree in Divinity, from Virginia Union University. Now he travels from time to time to share God’s word.

A word wasn’t the only thing that Tony provided, he also offered his gift in making those around him feel protected. “When you’re given a gift, you share it.” A few years ago, Tony’s son (also named Anthony) established a recurring event at his Richmond coffee shop where he asked his father to provide security. He did, and it was a safe, fun event where the community could fellowship with no worries. Soon after, his son referred him to a fellow businessman who owned a construction site that had been robbed of equipment several times. He was looking for the best and it seems that is just what he got when he hired Anthony and his team of trained professionals.

“There is a big piece of this puzzle that I don’t want you to miss,” Demetra, Tony’s wife and business partner, interjects. “Even with his son initiating and encouraging him, we still had to figure out how we were going to do this. We looked at our own financial situation and realized we didn’t have the money. Our credit didn’t look good so we couldn’t get a loan. When we started we didn’t really have a business yet. But God worked it out. When the construction company started paying us, we were able to obtain our license and are now are accredited as a business.”

Tony had been perusing this idea for two years and was on the brink of giving up. In January 2019, Omega Security Solutions, LLC was officially in business and didn’t waste time obtaining more clients. They have recently been granted their largest contract to date, with a local church, offering mobile security for the remainder of the year. Omega also provides security for private parties and single events.

To help grow the budding business, Demetra, who also oversees the marketing, advertises on the radio and just produced their first television commercial.

They’ve learned that one of the biggest obstacles is budgeting. “You have to know what to pay your employees, what to spend money on, and what to invest in,” says Tony. Another matter of importance is knowing what to pay yourself and how to do bookkeeping to ensure taxes are properly handled.

Of all the struggles they’ve faced, neither of them would have it any other way. “It feels great to own a business. It’s stressful but also rewarding,” says Demetra. There were a few naysayers that didn’t believe in their vision, but knowing they have something to pass on to future generations makes it all worthwhile. The couple sees their children and grandchildren one day taking over and growing the business even more.

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