Omesha Hutcherson

by Terry Watson | March 15th, 2018
Omesha Hutcherson

Omesha Hutcherson

Omesha Hutcherson is a 24-year-old ambitious, hardworking, and optimistic entrepreneur who is native to Nashville, TN. She is also a graduate of Tennessee State University, the same institution where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Consumer Science. After college, Omesha served in the public school sector as a teacher for six years, working with infants to school age children. Though she possesses a natural love for anyone that she meets, Omesha knew there was something more she wanted to do with her life. She redirected her passion and energy in the direction of beauty and fashion which resulted in Optimistic Outlook.

Optimistic Outlook is an online boutique that provides trendy, chic fashion for women of all sizes. Their goal is to present unique styles of fashion that will make individuals’ look and feel confident. Founded in 2017, Optimistic Outlook is not just a brand, it is a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle that Omesha lives by and encourages other women to live by as well. “One must understand why having an Optimistic Outlook on life, in general, is so important. Being positive, hopeful, and confident in everything you do results in a good outcome. If you speak good things and positivity into existence, those exact things usually follow. No one enjoys being around a “Negative Nancy”. You wear confidence just as well as you wear positivity. It becomes an effortless look, feeling, and vibe,” she explains.

Omesha always had this idea of owning a boutique that would allow her to express her own style. “I love to pick out dresses and put pieces together. It was always just an idea until I decided to turn my dream into reality and do it. I put together a small business plan, applied for a business license to purchase wholesale, and spent weeks trying to find good vendors. I had little to no help, still I was determined,” she says. She started with $500 and placed a wholesale order. She then contacted a few friends from high school to participate in a photo shoot. “I wanted the opening to be memorable,” says Omesha. On August 2017, she launched an online boutique and it has been a learning process ever since.

Omesha is all about growth and excelling in anything she puts her mind to. Optimistic Outlook is evidence of her determination. “I have always been a positive person and one who looks for the good in situations,” she says.

Owning a boutique offers its own set of perks Omesha says. “It is a wonderful feeling to be able to connect with other women who have the same style as I do. In spite of being a young new entrepreneur, I am learning and growing every day and remain open to the feedback of others in regards to my business.” She also encourages others who are realizing their entrepreneur ambitions to ‘go for it”. “Do it and do it now. Step out on faith and take a chance. If it were easy everyone would do it and by no means will it be easy. You must have faith and see the process to its completion. Then only thing you will realize is it’s all worth it. You must be dedicated and get out of your comfort zone in order to grow. You can make it happen. All you have to do is find the motivation and believe in yourself,” she says.

In the future, Omesha plans to attend more events and dedicate more time to her business. This includes marketing her brand on a more personal level so that she is able to meet and connect with other business women. Visit Optimistic Outlook online today

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