Overseer Dorothy McGuire

by Terry Watson | January 14th, 2016
Overseer Dorothy McGuire (Photos by Mykel Media Company)

Overseer Dorothy McGuire (Photos by Mykel Media Company)

Charlotte native, Dorothy McGuire has one purpose in life and that is to serve God. As a child she resided in a small town called Huntersville along with four other siblings, one brother and three sisters. She gets most of her strength from her mother. As her father was in and out of her life, her mother did everything she could to ensure that they were fed, their clothes were clean and they had constant shelter. A strong woman of faith, she took all five children to church every Sunday, sometimes walking all the way. She says her mother was definitely a great role model for them all.

She was formally educated at Torrence-Lytle High School in Huntersville and eventually relocated to Mt. Vernon, N.Y. and pursued a career in nursing. She graduated from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in N.Y. with an associate degree. She followed this accomplishment by graduating from the College of New Rochelle in N.Y. with her bachelor’s degree in nursing. She also attended Hunter College in New York City in pursuit of her master’s degree in gerontology. While at Hunter College, she embraced a new chapter in her life and was baptized and accepted her call into ministry. This experience provoked her to leave Hunter College and chase after God. She enrolled in The Deeper Life School of the Bible in Brooklyn, which is an affiliate of York Christian College and Divinity School.

As a nurse, McGuire says her focus is gerontology and she has a special concern for the elderly. This special love led to her being appointed minister of senior care at Friendship Worship Center in Mount Vernon, N.Y.

As she changed, so did her life. She was married and would give birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy, Dwayne. Fulfilling her motherly duties, she strived to give him a quality lifestyle and instilled in him the meaning of responsibility and accountability. She says it worked because he grew up to be a very productive, talented and loyal person and blessed her with three beautiful grandchildren, Briana, Jalen and Lauren. Unfortunately on October 1, 2015, her son transitioned to be with the Lord after a brief illness.

God being who He is will replace what He takes, McGuire says. After a divorce, she re-married an anointed man of God, Dr. Major McGuire, III. She would receive six bonus children, who affectionately call her “Bonus Mom.” Together they continued to work in ministry and it gave Dorothy even more incentive to be an example in her son’s life. After relocating to Charlotte, she was ordained as a reverend in the Lord’s church on April 28, 2002; the pastoral office came soon after. In September of 2002, Pastor McGuire says she received an assignment from God. The assignment was to begin a new church that would stand solely on the promises of God.

After discussing the vision with her pastor and receiving his blessings, Pastor McGuire set out in search of a building to begin her mission. On October 15, 2002, she observed a vacancy sign on a used building that was for rent at 2202 Beatties Ford Road in Charlotte. She immediately called the number on the rental sign and within 15 minutes she was engaged in a conversation with the property owner. The communication between Pastor McGuire and the owner was candid and straightforward. The two held hands and prayed, and stood in agreement that the building would be used for God’s glory. As they talked, Pastor McGuire kept hearing the voice of God, saying, “I will make the way smooth, stand on my promise.”

On the following Friday, Pastor McGuire returned with a small congregation of perspective members. The lease was signed, the keys were transferred and the vision had its first home, Renewed Mind Ministry. There was much to be done in preparing the building for the first worship service. The work continued and Pastor McGuire held the first Bible study in her home on a Tuesday evening, October 22, 2002.

It became necessary to renovate the sanctuary by knocking out two walls to accommodate the worshippers. A pulpit was built, window treatments hung, walls were repainted, the carpet was laid and the focus was on beautifying God’s house according to Haggai 1:7. The people also remembered Matthew 25:23 that clearly states, “Well done thy good and faithful servant, you have been a faithful servant, you have been faithful over a few things. I will make you ruler over many things; enter into the joy of the Lord.”

In April 2003, Pastor McGuire received revelation and clarity of the ministry and the church. She understood the ministry God had given His people was to renew minds through the preaching of the word of God (Romans 12:2). The results of renewing minds would be changed lives. Therefore the ministry was renamed “Life Changing Church.” Life Changing Church became incorporated in July 2003 and received its tax exempt, 501 c 3 status in June 2007. In September 2010 another appointment was made by Bishop Nathan J. Anderson, presiding prelate of W.A.R. Fellowship Ministry. Pastor McGuire was consecrated and elevated to the office of overseer during Holy Convocation.

Life Changing Church is a unique ministry within itself says McGuire. Its success is not measured by the number of members it has or how large the physical building is, but the success is measured by the spiritual and emotional growth of the congregation and the amount of lives that has changed. One of the things that Life Changing Church does is count monthly the amount of souls that was saved as opposed to the amount of income that was raised. While the financial aspect of the ministry is significant, the changed lives are more important.

Pastor McGuire likes to call monitoring the lives changed…“viewing success from the pulpit.” She observes from the pulpit the most challenged members grow into strong, healthy believers. Those who felt they didn’t belong are now ushering at the door. The ones that were dependent on chemical and illicit drugs are now strung out and dependent on the word of God. She observes those people that were looking for love in all the wrong places, now realize that God is love and look for love according to 1 Corinthians 13:1. “What a joy it is to see lives truly changed as well as being rewarded,” overseer says, “The church name should reflect the results occurring in the ministry.”

“My greatest testimony is that the Lord has kept my mind and body through some extreme challenges,” says Pastor McGuire. For instance, as a little girl she was trapped in a burning house and the Lord brought her out. She fell from a moving vehicle and suffered minor injuries. At the age of five she was a victim of a hit and run car accident and ended up hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. There are so many other incidents that occurred in her life (deaths of family members, divorce, and illnesses) that could have stopped her ministry from coming to fruition but she confesses that God intervened in every negative situation, enhanced growth in the ministry and used it for His glory. “I can honestly say, I will bless the Lord at all times and His praises shall continue to be in my mouth,” she says.

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