Paint and Praise

Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | March 15th, 2018
Nicole and Jaime Pittman (Photos by Todd Younblood)

Nicole and Jaime Pittman (Photos by Todd Younblood)

By day, Nicole Pittman is a 911 operator, dispatching police officers throughout the city when help is needed. It can be stressful and emotionally taxing at times, but she knows she was placed in that profession for a reason. By night, Nicole and her devoted husband Jamie, an IT professional, help others tap into their creative side while fellowshipping with other like-minded people at their new business venture, Paint and Praise.

Paint and Praise is the couple’s unique twist on a concept that has been booming all over the country for the last few years – personalized canvas painting. The decision to worship God is constantly being challenged, including removing Christianity from public schools and other public entities. Their concept focuses on faith-based art (they do offer other images) which is exactly what the community needs.

The paintings range from churches, to calming waterfalls, to crosses displayed high on a hill. What makes their concept so special is that everyone can feel comfortable without hiding their love for God and enjoy the evening in a spirit-filled environment. Customers might even want to share a testimony or two if they’re moved to do so.

“Nicole came up with the idea after attending a few sessions at other locations with girlfriends, but wanted something where the Christian community could come and let their hair down,” says Jamie. He freely admits that he has no talent when it comes to art and that Nicole is the more creative one. Jamie devotes his time to the technical and administrative aspects, having created their website and social media pages. He did, however, express his interest in somehow offering classes that men would want to attend since this is typically a female-driven activity.

Since the two both have outside careers, the first thing the couple did before beginning this new venture was pray about it. They have been by each other’s side for almost 17 years and already had a solid foundation and support, but building a business can sometimes be a challenge. When they felt God had approved their idea, they started doing their research, found a location, and spent time purchasing supplies and interviewing artists that would be a good fit.

“I can’t say that I’ve always wanted to paint, but over the last year I’ve gone to these ‘paint and sips’ and just really got into it,” Nicole explains. Now she hosts her own classes and has hired other artists that teach technique, create new canvasses, and helps customers’ visions come to life. One of their artists feels so strongly about this ministry that she drives an hour to offer her talents as an instructor.

Paint and Praise is centered on elevating ones energy. All events are void of alcohol, foul language, and aggressive music. They offer gospel tunes and uplifting conversation instead. “Some people are battling addictions or other things in their lives that they may not want to have to explain. So we want them to feel comfortable without any pressures,” says Jamie.

If you can’t tell how deeply rooted Nicole and Jamie are in their faith, having met at Nicole’s home church, Christ Deliverance Temple, should give you an idea. Jamie is an Elder and a youth pastor and Nicole is also a minister. “Our church definitely had our back [with the business]. We had our grand opening on a Sunday after church and most of the members came and even stayed for the sample paint class,” says Nicole.

Nicole and Jamie feel a sense of accomplishment now that they are business owners. They can also enjoy being role models to the youth in their church and the community. “The children can look at us and see that we’re doing something they might want to do one day. We let them know it’s possible,” says Jamie.

Anything is possible when you are filled with faith, determination, and ideas. Paint and Praise is a true testament to that.

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