Pam Dorsey

by Terry Watson | March 15th, 2018
Pam Dorsey (Photos by Movementz Media)

Pam Dorsey (Photos by Movementz Media)

In all things, Pam Dorsey of Greenville, SC is a motivator who strives to inspire and empower others. She is a wife to Eric and mother two handsome boys, Javeon and Gavin. She is also the caregiver to her mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Understandably, Pam Dorsey is a lover of life.
Pam is an absolute purple fanatic and fan of high heel shoes. She has somehow become addicted to all things dealing with butterflies. As Pam puts it, “Simply because of what they stand for ― transformation.” She describes her life somewhere in between becoming who God created her to be and helping other women do the same.

Pam is an avid journaler, a hobby that allows her to get her thoughts and words from her heart and head and put them on paper. She often reflects back over prior journal entries to remind herself of where she was, where she is now, and to appreciate where she’s going. “I have overcome a lot in life and I’m confident in the fact that God doesn’t waste pain, yet He turns it into purpose,” she says. These are some of the qualities she utilizes to manage the many businesses and organizations she runs.

Pam Dorsey Enterprises includes Mix, Mingle & Learn, which is a women’s networking event held annually for women entrepreneurs to showcase their products, services, books, etc. The goal is to cultivate relationships and allow the entrepreneurs that are showcasing their businesses and organizations gain more awareness of what they do. Mix, Mingle & Learn is the premier Ladies Event and “The Place Where Purpose and Passion Ignite and LIFE Begins. Their motto: Purpose Plus Passion Equals Life.

Pam Dorsey Enterprises also includes All Things Purple, a women’s accessories boutique. This business was birthed out of Pam’s love and passion for the color purple. All Things Purple has jewelry, handbags, clutches, sunglasses, and other fashionable accessories. In 2017, Pam added silver and gold jewelry as well. More products and services are now being offered under the “Life Pursuer” umbrella of the enterprise.

“I now offer “Life Pursuer Strategy Sessions” through the “I am a Life Pursuer Strategist” arm of the business. This gives me the opportunity to work with women one on one. My purpose is to help women entrepreneurs in the beginning phases of their entrepreneur journey and put strategies in place to ensure their journey will be smoother, with a lot less bumps and bruises than I experienced,” she says. In addition to helping women entrepreneurs, it is Pam’s desire and passion to see all women discover and walk in their God given purpose.

She created the Life Pursuer Motivational Planner in November 2017. It includes monthly motivational scriptures, goal setting columns, a power word/or phrase per month, provides action items to take, as well as space for journaling, note taking, and more. In December 2017 she released the Companion Journal to the Life Pursuer Planner. It is enclosed with Life Pursuer quotes and scriptures in the very front and more than 100 lined pages for journaling thoughts, note taking, poetry, etc. These items are geared towards any woman in full pursuit of their purpose.

“I hosted my first Mix, Mingle & Learn in April 2013 with a sole purpose of showcasing my business. However, God revealed to me that I should bring in other women and share the experience. I have often said ‘Dream a Dream so Big that God has to Grow You Into it’. That’s exactly what was happening in my life,” she says. “God was positioning and placing me in the proper places to do His will.”

Moving forward, Pam often advises others along her journey, “Always put yourself first. As women, we have a lot on our plates to balance, and a lot of people counting on us. We must first give to ourselves before we can give to anyone else. You can’t give from an empty container, so please fill you up first.” She is currently seeking office space to offer a more professional platform for her clients and customers. She is also working on her book which should be finished by the second quarter of 2018.

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