Paranda Davis

Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | September 19th, 2019
Paranda Davis (Photos by Todd Youngblood)

Paranda Davis (Photos by Todd Youngblood)

Paranda Davis, dubbed The Credit Beast, is back to share her love of community and prosperity. Since she was introduced to the Huami Magazine community, she has made moves that benefits thousands of people, including other business owners.

Initially Paranda set out to simply create and grow her business while helping her clients attain what seemed to be impossible. Low credit scores, insurmountable debt, and other factors plagued them. But Paranda put her knowledge and experience to good use and started changing one situation at a time. The entrepreneur continues to grow her business and perfect her craft, aiding others in the process.

Since her initial debut, she has added 10 new members to her staff and increased her profits, attaining her goal of a seven-figure income, as the owner of Davis Future Planning, LLC. Her clientele has grown exponentially due to incorporating a new business system to better serve them.

On August 9th, the woman from humble beginnings released a book entitled, “Cornbread – The Girl Who Asked A lot of Questions.” The book teaches financial literacy to children and stresses the importance of saving and spending money. She plans on expanding the idea into a book series and releasing a new one every year, ultimately helping the next generation establish healthy financial habits.

But she hasn’t stopped there. This year, Paranda partnered with another business owner to bring this vision to life. They both thought it would be an amazing idea to invite like-minded entrepreneurs to a forum and support each person’s ventures and ideas. The ‘Live In Color Expo’ was that vision.

“Our vision was to bring unity to the Queen City. Businesses coming together networking and empowering each other. Because we also need to be inspired. People don’t know what business owners go through. We have our ups and downs and get stressed out too,” she says.

Paranda and her partner thought of the idea and were determined to see it come to life. With no PR team and no paid promoting, the two self-planned for four months. “We put it on social media and the people just started going crazy,” boasts Paranda. Business owners from all over the country descended upon Charlotte on August 10th, to attend the one-day sold out event held at Westin Hotel and Conference Center. From barbershops to clothing boutiques, a variety of businesses showcased their expertise.

To the ladies’ surprise, the line wrapped around the building with over 1,000 attendees waiting to experience a day of uplifting. The space was so packed with patrons, the fire marshall was called to investigate and the event was allowed to continue after ensuring everyone was safe.

Local personality Fly Ty served as host and the afternoon began with a powerful prayer and motivating word from celebrity hairstylist, Derickus Crawford. It continued with a panel discussion from makeup guru and founder of The Crayon Case, Raynell ‘Supa’ Steward, entrepreneur Jesseca DuPart, founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products (and other businesses), Steve Madden model Princess Bella, and Paranda herself. Love and Hip Hop star, Rasheeda served as closing speaker. The topic of discussion was ‘How to be Unique’. Branding yourself and setting yourself apart from everyone else is key to surviving in the business world. Finding a successful and supportive mentor can also be helpful.

Later, Paranda graced the stage and shared her views on beauty, wealth, women’s empowerment, unity, and how to make seven figures. “I also spoke about the importance of supporting the next person, keeping money in your own community, and investing in one another. I was very shocked at our turn out because we typically don’t support each other. But it showed me that with hard work and dedication, it’s possible.”

A turning point for Paranda , during the event, was the realization that her newly released book had sold out within hours. That is proof that there is an interest in financial freedom within our community, but there must be someone to lead the way.

To show their appreciation to patrons, the hostesses presented popular giveaways, monetary gifts, and an attendee was gifted a one-month car payment.
The event was so well-received that visitors are still buzzing about it weeks later. The next event will be even bigger. “The most important thing to me was that people left inspired. That’s was the best part of it all,” says Paranda.

While anything is possible to happen for Paranda in the future, being the sound businesswoman that she is, plans have already been made by her. Soon, she hopes to open a financial literacy university and offer online classes starting in 2020. She also plans to stay well connected to her immediate community and branch outside its walls. “It is my goal to share my brand and life experiences with everyone who seeks them,” she says.

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