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by Terry Watson | August 5th, 2011
Pastor Anthony Knotts

Anthony Knotts

From North America to the United Kingdom to Africa, Pastor Anthony Knotts is expanding outreach ministry internationally and nationally. The self-proclaimed and unapologetic, entrepreneurial pastor is sharing the redeeming power and Kingdom message of Jesus Christ throughout the world, in the marketplace, on a technological level that even the masses have yet to experience.

This pastor of pastor’s is readily and eagerly preparing leaders tonot only build up the body of Christ, but become contenders in our increasing global and technical society. As pastor and founder of The Embassy Church International in Greensboro North Carolina, Pastor Knotts believes the time has come for churches to teach parishioners about entrepreneurship and growth and embracing technology. He wants people to realize it is absolutely, entirely, possible for the church to completely fulfill, satisfy and develop the spiritual man -lacking nothing- and at the same time encourage Godly marketplace interaction and gain knowledge of modern systems.
“The Bible is a book about entrepreneurship. Only two people worked for people in the Bible -slaves and soldiers,” he says. “We [the local church] are condoning a slave mentality. We don’t create wealth by earning wages. You must own your own business.” He encourages people to understand the Bible’s message of balancing ministry, family and entrepreneurship. Nonetheless, Knotts realizes change is a progressive entity for people as well as systems and he understands the church is no exception to the rule. The Lexington native knows all too well that change is inevitable.

His life has been a running reel of change, development, adaptation and progression.Pastor Knotts vividly recants the day he made the ultimate decision to change his life and live for Christ. His enthusiasm and humility is evident as he tells the story of his encounter with Jesus Christ and personal salvation experience. He believes it is vitally important for Christians, especially clergy members; to be transparent- and share their real story of how God transformed and changed their lives.

Approximately 20 years ago, Knotts found himself in a hotel room with a young lady. Regrettably, it was nothing out of the norm; even routine. Nevertheless, what would follow was undeniable. The standout athlete remembers receiving a visitation from the Lord. The experience was so real Knotts immediately left the hotel room, despite the comments from his acquaintance. On January 25, 1992, Anthony Knotts gave his life to the Lord. Amazingly, within three month, he was called to minister the gospel of Christ and that following September he delivered his first Kingdom message. He began to serve in his local assembly as a youth pastor and associate pastor. Three years later he married. It would seem as if everything was great, but one day everything came crashing down.
“One day I was literally driving down the road and saw my furniture and belongings pass by me,” he says. “I was devastated. My wife decided she didn’t want to be married anymore. I thought my ministry was over.” Nevertheless, Knotts maintained his integrity and continued steadfast in the ministry. On one occasion he accepted an invitation to speak for a group of saints who met in a garage for Bible study. After he delivered his message he was shocked by a request made by of some in attendance. They were without a pastor for their own church and wanted Knotts to be their pastor. He remembers being blown away by the fact that they were not interested in crucifying or attacking him due to his marriage separation. He accepted the invitation and served as pastor for two years before he again heard the voice of the Lord calling. Knotts says he went on a seven day, absolute fast. “I didn’t eat anything, only water and juice.” At the completion of the fast he heard God say, “I’m about to change your place but not your purpose.”

It was at that time that he birthed his own church. Originally named Greater Ambassadors for Christ International Church, Knotts changed the name to The Embassy Church in 2008. Remarried to the lovely, Byrdzetta Hamilton, the young pastor found himself in a place of unfamiliarity. He knew ministry, but was unfamiliar with the explosive growth his church experienced. He was thrust into a whirlwind.

The church began in a member’s home but quickly out grew the meeting place. Membership was increasing by leaps and bounds. In fact, at the time, it was one of the fastest growing churches in Greensboro. Knotts’ church was the place to be; they were youthful, contemporary and on fire for God. Again, the bottom began to fall out. Everything was falling apart even in the midst of the growth. “We were growing, but we had swollen growth,” says Knotts. “We had a lot of people, but anything swollen is infected. I got the big head. I forgot my humble beginning and I started hanging around the wrong people-ironically some of the bad influences where preachers.

My wife and I had $2500 in car payments alone. We had two houses. I was wearing tailor made clothes, but I was bouncing checks. We literally almost lost everything we had. We went from driving Mercedes and Navigators to a Chevy Cavalier.” “You get caught up in cars and buildings and you forget about your personal relationship with God.” Knotts realizes the vast majority of what he went through was because he lost his first love – God and service. He doesn’t blame anyone but himself and he is grateful for the tribulation. “It was the best thing that could have ever happened to me because it woke me up,” he says. “Now I see ministry in a whole different light.”
It wasn’t just the financial despair that Knotts endured but it was the emotional and mental affliction that continued to haunt him. The situation was taking a toll on his marriage and family. He was perplexed, and even thought, “Did God not know I knew nothing about money, ministry and marriage?” There were even times when Knotts says he would curl in a corner in his bedroom and cry. He understood were he went wrong but he could not understand the lies that circulated.
However, through the process of time and God’s continued grace, Knotts began to truly understand why he had to endure the shame and embarrassment. The wisdom he gained was irreplaceable. It was necessary for Knotts, his wife and the entire congregation to go through a season of reproach and transition for purpose to be realized.
He now has a passion and burden for pastors and ministers going down the wrong path; listening to the wrong people. With humility and love, he attempts to gently get them back on the right track. While going through his trials and tribulations God still allowed Knotts to remain in the public eye. He was still on television. God even increased his outreach. Even when he wanted to run and hide he says God would not allow it. It is because he is now operating in his purpose as a “marketplace minister” and “entrepreneurial pastor” that Knotts fully understands. Despite the past God has abundantly increased Pastor Knotts, his family and his Church.
As an entrepreneur he has been able to catch hold of the new technology in video email. His own business, Manna Video Systems, has been a springboard for Embassy Church to interact on a greater technological level as well as provide employment for others. Knotts is convinced if the church would recognize and embrace the opportunities and shift in technology and entrepreneurship, rather than shun the movement and relegate to what is comfortable, the body of Christ would become more of the “lenders and not the borrowers.” “God said he will give us the power to get wealth,” says Knotts. “He is giving us the power we just have to use it. We cannot hope that wealth will simply fall into our laps.” Manna Video is rapidly expanding and empowering others for financial freedom. The entity of Manna Video that includes Video Business Cards is now a franchise, selling the very first franchise in June 2011. Manna Video has also embraced the world of mobile marketing and the impact of this marketing tool for businesses and churches. Knotts has a passion to help other churches develop other streams of income, especially in the technology arena.

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