Pastor Deon Clark Welcomes You To Equation Church

by Terry Watson | May 17th, 2017
Pastor Deon Clark and First Lady Jen Clark (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Pastor Deon Clark and First Lady Jen Clark (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

It’s certain that problems will always exist in life. Just as true, there will always be a solution. For Equation Church – Home of United True Holiness, that solution is God. In fact, the ministry adopted the premise as one of its core creeds – Equation Church, where God’s love is the answer to your equation.

“The Vision of Equation Church is to introduce the problem solver as the answer to anyone’s equation,” said newly installed pastor Deon Clark. “At Equation Church we want to show people that God’s love is the answer to their equation. There’s no problem God won’t solve, no answer He will not meet.”

Formerly known as United True Holiness, the ministry began a new chapter in its storied history, April 1, 2017, when it was reintroduced as Equation Church with Clark as its new senior pastor.

The name, leadership and focus may have changed a bit to newcomers, but for Clark it’s a God-ordained return home.

“The church has actually been in existence since the 1960s. It is my family’s church. I grew up here,” said Clark of the original church. “My aunt Eartha Baity was the founder, then my grandfather, William Scott, pastored for years. After he passed away, my grandmother, Willie M. Scott, took over. God has led me back home to lead.”

Although Clark has only been senior pastor of the church since April, he’s well equipped to lead the ministry. After serving in the original church as a youth, Clark took an assignment as the youth pastor at Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Greensboro, Inc. He faithfully served there for over five years. He notes the leadership and developmental skills he learned under Bishop Emeritus George W. Brooks and Bishop Designate Bryan J. Pierce, Sr. as well as under the tutelage of Apostle Reginald White have been invaluable spiritual resources.

“I have been blessed to have great leaders that are still mentoring me and helping me during this process of becoming a senior pastor.”

Some would say it’s Clark genuine heart that is such a blessing as well. And that’s exactly what he wants people to see. And what’s so wonderful is that Equation Church is taking on the identity of its new pastor; catching onto his desire to simply love on people no matter what.

“Sometimes there’s too great of a focus on going through the motions of having church. So much so that we forget to build people,” said Clark. I believe [God] has called me and this ministry to build, encourage, lift and grow people. Particularly outside of the four walls of the church.”

“We want to be a church that allows everyone to feel God’s love and understand His plan and will for their lives. We want to help people realize their full God-given potential in their personal life, finances and careers. We want to support the community and give back to the city and be diverse in all we do. Ultimately, we must be the church that truly makes a difference.”

Equation Church is using every resource and opportunity possible to fulfill its mission to “revive believers, reach a generation and renew a culture.” Clark says there are already ministries in place to serve every need and demographic and plans for many more.

Available or upcoming programs and ministries include a food pantry, tutoring program for elementary and middle school students, children and youth, marriage, young adult and college, men’s, women’s and an outreach ministry.

“We are a church that has something for everybody. Whether you are a seasoned saint (senior citizen), college student, adult, or professional who would like to connect in a tangible way,” said Clark. “That’s why we have specific Kingdom groups that relate to each of those individual needs so that nobody will be left out. There are many ways for people to connect other than Tuesday or Sunday. We don’t want anyone to get lost in the smoke of having church.”

In the midst of establishing and expanding various ministries and programs, Equation Church remains true to its roots. Methods may have changed, but foundational messages are consistent and true. Case in point, Sunday worship service will soon change from 11 a.m. to 10 a.m. (in the summer), but the Gospel message will continue to be delivered through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Expanding and growing outreach programs is essential for Clark. The EQ Love 316 Outreach Movement was established as an opportunity for the ministry to simply serve its community and city and make a difference in the lives of people.

“Bishop Designate Bryan J. Pierce, Sr. coined the phrase, ‘he who serves the city, wins the city,’” said Clark of what he believes to be an incredible movement. “The EQ Love 316 movement will do just that. We are trying to build people outside of the four walls, that’s what Kingdom is. That’s what we are doing.”

The outreach program will give the church opportunity to meet spiritual as well as physical needs of the community. The food pantry will be expanded into a fully-stocked free food market for those in need; care packages with daily needs will be distributed and during the cold months the church has plans to open its doors as a warming shelter.

But Clark is quick to note that the vision is much bigger than himself or even the ministry. “We have a desire to build facilities for the mentally challenged, tackle mental health in the African American community and educate beyond our local community.”

“Whenever God gives someone a vision for something great He will position them to achieve that vision. I’m believing God’s will for this ministry will be manifested so we can help this entire community and then move on to a national level. I’m just excited about what God is doing and seeing his plan unfold in the life of Equation Church.”

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