Pastor Jameliah Young Mitchell

Dr. Marrissa Dick | November 14th, 2018
Pastor Jameliah Young Mitchell (Photos by Todd Youngblood)

Pastor Jameliah Young Mitchell (Photos by Todd Youngblood)

There are many accounts in the Bible where Jesus was criticized by the Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes for performing miracles during the Sabbath. There are also accounts of the Apostles being openly rebuked because they neglected to keep with the “traditions” of the elders by not ceremonially washing their hands to purify themselves from Gentile contamination before partaking in a meal. In Matthew 15:3, Jesus asked these groups of men why they “transgressed the commandment of God” by their “tradition.” This question has been problematic for biblical scholars for many centuries. The chief question remains, “how do you judge between the commandment of God and mere ‘tradition?’” If you ask Pastor Jameliah Young-Mitchell, she will be the first to tell you that her ministries, The Car Chronicles Movement (CCM) and Unity Church Charlotte, are anything but traditional. In fact, it is her raw and “untraditional” delivery of the Word of God that has attracted a body of Christian believers whom have expanded both her Facebook presence and has caused her to seek larger accommodations for her brick and mortar church located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In recent years, the Body of Christ has been plagued with various heart-wrenching scandals carried out by prominent leaders. These accusations have caused some to turn away from the house of worship. These are the sheep whom Pastor Young-Mitchell says God has called her to lead. She views her online ministry as the “shepherds hook.” She shares, “I’m Pastor Jameliah Young-Mitchell, but you can call me MJ all my friends do. I am the pastor of Unity Church in Charlotte, NC and I’m also the Founder and Pastor of The Car Chronicles Movement on Facebook. What’s so great about my online ministry is that I’m able to pastor those sheep who no longer desire to visit a brick and mortar church for whatever reason, but they still have a desire to be a part of the Body of Christ. The Car Chronicles Movement is really making an impact on people all around the world because of the way God instructed me to deliver His Word. He said, ‘You’re an end-time pastor with an on-time word,’ so that already makes me very different. God has graced me with the gift of transparency, which many other pastors don’t have. Some people may say that I have a little bit of an edge and tradition frowns upon that, but this is who God has called me to be and I’m honored to be His obedient servant. You know you can’t always follow tradition, because when you do that you lose those from other generations who don’t understand that way of life. Jesus even teaches you that in Matthew 15:3. You can’t put God in a box and this millennial generation is a prime example of that. One thing about me and my members, especially those who attend Unity Church in Charlotte, NC, is that we’re very different and somewhat edgy. I do things there like hire a DJ who will come in and play gospel house music. Some traditionalists wouldn’t understand that and in fact would frown upon it, but that gets them in the doors and we worship God as a unified body in the spirit of unity and love.”

So how is it that this native Brooklyn, New Yorker, stilettos-wearing, Bible-toting woman have the capability of possessing such a powerful anointing? How is it that she appeals to the global masses on social media when she had a father who didn’t nurture her; instead, prophesied damnation over her life by telling her that she would never amount to anything? I believe the traditional preverbal phrase would be – – “But God.” As a Prophetess, Pastor Young-Mitchell knows that people not only frown upon her preaching style, they also frown upon her nontraditional appearance, but she doesn’t allow any of it to affect her style. “God knew what I looked like when He chose me with all this hair, make-up, heels, nail polish, and personality. He chose me. It wasn’t the other way around. Who would intentionally do this unless God called you to it? You know this whole Facebook movement started one day when the Lord told me to pull my car over in Atlanta, Georgia when I was on my way to work. He told me that between the hours of 7:30 a.m. until 8:30 a.m. that a serious yoke breaking anointing is going to fall between that hour and it was going to be like being at the Pool of Bethesda, but this stirring would happen on Facebook during that hour. He told me that I would do this daily and I’ve been obedient to His Word. So, since I’ve been doing this for a couple of years, I’ve seen yokes breaking; and I’ve seen lives changing. The Car Chronicles has moved across the nation. I mean literally one broadcast can start with 4,000 people and by the time the hour is up that number has increased to 12,000 people. You know social media really gives us the ability to reach the masses.”

Her passion for preaching and teaching the Word of God doesn’t stop there. She is also passionate about helping women rediscover who God has ordained them to be. She shares, “I’m very passionate about domestic violence because I watched my mother go through it and I went through it. I want to stop women from getting into those types of relationships and help the ones who believe that they’re stuck get out of those situations. I get invigorated when I see other women being recharged by the Word of God. If God can use Mary Magdalene to preach the Gospel, then these women can do it too. They don’t have to come out of an oppressive situation and still feel like they’re a victim. I know this is the reason that God gave me this book, The Death of The Angry Black Woman. Yes, it’s different, but then again so am I. The Lord gave me this book; He told me to write it. It’s like a trance came over me, and when I came out of it, I saw all the pages and I said, I didn’t write this, and God said, ‘No you didn’t; I wrote it.’” Pastor Young-Mitchell shared that the book has become a best-seller in its category for mental health. She says that the book is already doing “great things in the earth” and it provides the revelation that both women and men need so they can learn to love themselves and have healthy relationships. “This book is a seed that I’ve planted in the Body of Christ so now it’s up to the harvesters to ‘pick’ up their copy of The Death of The Angry Black Woman, so they can reap the benefits of what God is saying and apply it to their daily lives.”

Pastor Young-Mitchell is a believer in applying God’s Word in her life and knows all too well how the pages in her book can affect change. She shares, “I’m not talking anything I don’t know about. I’m a divorcee. I have two beautiful children, Dylan and Hunter Davis and I am remarried to Calvin W. Mitchell. Even in this marriage there was a level of hardship because of how I came in it. I came with daddy issues and I had an aggressive nature. Well, he didn’t know how to deal with those types of issues. What I have come to understand is that when you have an aggressive woman, she works well not necessarily with a passive man, but with a patient man. So, I entered marriage already aggressive because of what I saw in my household growing up and two aggressive people make for an explosive relationship. So, my attitude was always you won’t pee on me and tell me it’s raining – – that ain’t gonna fly. That’s how I was and I’m not afraid to say or admit that.”

One of the reasons the doors of Unity Church, Charlotte NC are expanding is because Pastor Young-Mitchell isn’t afraid to speak her truth. To the traditionalist, her delivery of the Word is jaw-dropping, but her members much prefer to call them “Mic-dropping Moments.” According to Pastor Young-Mitchell, “I do something that’s called the mic-dropping moment. That’s when I break the Word of God down and they can’t believe I said it the way I said it. Most traditional or religious people don’t agree with the way I deliver the Message, but my members just say, ‘oh, she just dropped the mic!’ In truth I drop microphones all the time because I’m going to say the stuff that other pastors are too afraid or too religious to say, because they’re afraid of losing members. You know I don’t even teach from the King James Bible because most people don’t even understand it. The Word of God shouldn’t be confusing, so I use the Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV) because the translation is very simple. Anybody can understand it.”

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