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Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | March 15th, 2019
Elliott C. Washington and Team (Photos by Apollo Wonex)

Elliott C. Washington and Team (Photos by Apollo Wonex)

For some people, helping others is an occasional, unintentional act that tends to just happen if they’re in the right place at the right time. There are others that have made it their life’s mission to leave their fellow man better than they were prior to encountering them. Elliott C. Washington is one of those others.

As co-owner and Chief Operations Officer of Pretty Credit Consulting, Elliott aids his wife, Pretty, in growing their company and handling the commercial side of things. “I deal with business credit education, business credit establishment, and consulting business owners. I specialize in getting our footprint out there with banks, realtors, dealerships, and anyone that needs credit to make a sale. I also go to a lot of networking events to market and promote the business,” explains Elliott. His ultimate goal for the consumer side of the business is to heavily represent the middle class who don’t have as much access as the elite 1%.

To service the business owners he counsels, Elliott has recently established First Merchants Financial Services, partially thanks to Huami Magazine. “The owner of the parent company read our cover story and reached out to us with this opportunity.” This branch of the Washington trilogy provides commercial lending and can accommodate all levels of loans, but specializes in six-figures and above. “There is little room to maneuver to get that kind of capital to do commercial projects. So, we’re the people who provide funding for those who have been turned down by the banks or those who have a challenge with their credit, if they pass a feasibility study,” says Elliott.

According to Investopedia, this type of study measures the ability and likelihood to complete a project successfully including all relevant factors such as economic, technological, legal and scheduling factors. It determines potential positive and negative outcomes of a project prior to investing. And because enormous amounts of money will be on the line, the studies are reviewed with a fine-toothed comb.

Recently, Elliott added another branch to his business tree and it’s already taking off. He became licensed to complete mortgages in December but was so busy with his other two that he sat on this one for over a month. In February, was born and it has been rapidly growing.

“When I was studying the lending program, I realized, that across the board, I could do every form of lending, like, conventional, FHA, USDA, VA, and even manufactured homes, with a minimum 500 credit score. That’s almost unheard of. And because I’m a veteran, retired Navy and disabled, I thought, why don’t I target my own and help them get into a house? Most of us don’t even know our own benefit rights. This is something you should be able to use because you’ve already paid the price. This is close to my heart because I’m one of them. There are too many active duty, retired, and disabled veterans that don’t know what all we’re entitled to.” Elliott says.

The majority of veterans know they are allowed to use their benefits to purchase a home with no money down, but they don’t always know what the benefit entails. aims to demystify the rules, clarify the process, and help those who served, obtain what is rightfully theirs. Homeownership is one of the most powerful benefits while it is the crux of the American dream.

Rules allow for different counties across the country to offer varying maximum limits, providing the applicant has income to qualify. For example, South Carolina offers a maximum home purchase price of $484,250.00 (if their income qualifies) without spending a dime on a down payment. What also makes special, they reduce the pre-qualification time by several weeks so their client can purchase a home much faster. “I can prequalify them in three to five business days, then submit their information to the lender, and if fully approved, hand them house keys the same month. The reason why my process is different is because most mortgage companies add on more layers of benefits for the company to profit because of the risk they’re taking,” Elliott confirms. Allstate Insurance is willing to take that risk, as they just signed on to be the home and auto provider for

You can tell Elliott only wants the best for his clients. Minimizing their out of pocket expenses as well as their wait time is what is most important to him. “ is one of the only lenders that actually adheres to what the program rules call for. We follow the guidelines of the FHA, the VA, the USDA, and don’t really add anything extra. If the guidelines say this is what you need, and you have it, we can move on to the next level.”

For regular active duty, they must serve at least 180 days before becoming eligible for the benefit. For reservists and members of the Coast Guard you’re required to serve at least six years to qualify.

To advertise these amazing opportunities, Elliott utilized his connections with local radio stations. He previously heavily promoted his first business, Pretty Credit Consultants, and developed trusting partnerships with the management, personalities, and staff.

“I call myself the Jay-Z of this business. My partner and I wrote two spots to do. Once the spots were typed and timed, they saw they were 60-seconds exactly. They fit perfectly. We recorded them and three days later, they were on the air during the Steve Harvey Morning Show,” Elliott laughs.

He has also formed lasting relationships with others who value the work he’s doing. Pastor Emanuel Flemming of Royal Baptist Church believes in Elliott’s mission. As a military chaplain with the SC Army National Guard, he understands the meaning of a blessing. He disseminates information about within his church community and to others via social media. He even created a short infomercial on Facebook for the worthy initiative. Pastor Fleming commits his life to counseling and offering spiritually uplifting messages to his brothers and sisters in arms, so this is one more way to serves his God and his country.

Two additional entrepreneurs Elliott partners with are Jessie Canty of Chef J Edwards Smoking Wings and Sylvester Golden of Xtreme Lil Boyz Toyz (an auto dealership). They’ve collaborated with Elliott on a monthly event he penned, ‘Wings with Warriors’, dedicated to connecting veterans to services and discounts that can help enhance their lives. The event is catered by Chef J and hosted at the auto dealership. The point is to show unity in the movement and appreciation for veterans who are often forgotten.

Elliott and his partners set realistic goals for the first month. If they could help 15 veterans a month, they would be happy. Within the first 13 days, they were already assisting over 25 veterans. Because of the rapid growth, he plans to hire more help to ensure all clients’ needs are met. “One client in particular is a disabled vet and a single father with three daughters. Within seven days we were able to get him qualified and now he’s in the process of looking for a home to purchase. He is renting an apartment now, and was so happy when he found out he was approved that he told his mother. Now we’re working on getting her a house too,” Elliott beams.

It’s evident that Elliott and his band of brothers are determined to make an impact on those who keep us free and they’re always seeking out more opportunities to offer them. If you have a service to offer or are a real estate agent, don’t hesitate to contact Elliott. He’ll welcome you with open arms.

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